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Lalu Yadav’s big shock: High Court dismisses bail plea, again after two months …



Lalu Yadav's big shock: High Court dismisses bail plea, again after two months ...


  • Lalu Prasad Yadav’s bail plea rejected in Dumka treasury case
  • Lalu Yadav’s bail plea rejected by Jharkhand High Court
  • Lalu Prasad had filed a bail petition on the basis of cutting half the sentence of the sentence
  • RJD supremo was out of jail for two months, less than two months in completing half sentence of Lalu Yadav

The bail plea of ​​RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav (Daluka) in the Dumka treasury case has been rejected by the Jharkhand High Court. In the Dumka treasury case, Lalu Prasad has been sentenced by the CBI court to 7 to 7 years in two different sections. Lalu Prasad had requested the High Court to grant bail on the basis of deduction of half the sentence.

After hearing for about four hours, the court of Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh admitted that Lalu Prasad’s claim is not correct and that his half sentence is about 60 days short of completion. In such a situation, they cannot be granted bail. After the bail is rejected, Lalu Prasad will now have to file a bail petition again in the High Court after 60 days.

Kapil Sibal presented these arguments in Lalu’s bail
Senior advocate Kapil Sibal, appearing for Lalu Yadav, pleaded that the High Court granted bail to the fodder scam accused Jagdish Sharma, Dayanand Kashyap and Sunil Gandhi despite not serving half the sentence. Lalu Prasad’s health is also not good. He is also entitled to bail on the grounds that he is seriously ill.

CBI gave these arguments against Lalu’s bail
While presenting the arguments on behalf of CBI, Senior Advocate Rajiv Kumar Sinha said that Lalu Prasad’s claim is not correct. He has been delayed in remand in the Dumka treasury case. Unless taken into remand, the sentence of the second case cannot be counted. In support of this, a copy of the order of all cases of Lalu Prasad and related documents were also presented by the CBI.

It was argued by the CBI that in the Dumka treasury case, the CBI court has given seven-year sentence in two sections. It is also clear in the order that the two sentences will run separately. In such a case, half the period will be considered only after Lalu Prasad is in jail for seven years in the Dumka treasury case. He pleaded for granting bail to some of the accused before serving half the sentence, saying that Lalu Prasad and his case are different. The two cannot be combined together. In such a situation, Lalu Prasad’s claim of serving half the sentence is not correct and he should not get bail.

Fresh petition has to be filed after two months
Giving information, advocate Prabhat Kumar said that Lalu Yadav’s Bail Plea Rejects has been rejected by the High Court. Now a hearing will be held after two months. For this, fresh bail petition will have to be filed again. He said that half the sentence of Lalu Yadav is being reduced by two months in completion, Lalu Prasad did not stay in jail during this period. The documents of the lower court were filed in the High Court, but the High Court did not consider the period of two months as a period of judicial custody.

‘Petition will be filed again after completion of half the sentence after two months’
Prabhat Kumar said that RJD supremo Lalu Yadav could not get the bail today due to being less than two months. Will we go to Supreme Court now? Responding to this question, the lawyer said that we will not go to the Supreme Court. Lalu Yadav will remain in jail for two months. Will then file a bail petition. The High Court has ruled on the basis of the CBI’s plea.

Bail has been granted in 3 out of 4 cases
Five cases of Fodder Scam are going on against Lalu Prasad. He has been convicted in 4 cases. Lalu Prasad has already got bail in 3 cases. A case is currently underway in a CBI court. The petition on behalf of Lalu Prasad states that he has completed his custody period of 42 months and 28 days in jail. But on behalf of the CBI it was said that Lalu Prasad has not served half the sentence. Because of this they cannot be granted bail. After hearing both the sides, the court fixed the hearing date today, directing Lalu Prasad and CBI to produce a verified copy of the total period of detention.

Fodder scam case going on for 25 years
Lalu Prasad was sentenced to 5 years in the regular case of fodder scam RC 20A / 96. A fine of Rs 25 lakh was also imposed. RC 64A / 96 attached to Deoghar treasury was sentenced to 3 and a half years, with a fine of Rs 5 lakh. Sentenced to 5 years in illegal withdrawal case RC 68A / 96 from Chaibasa Treasury. A fine of Rs 10 lakh was also imposed. Sentenced to 7-7 years in the case related to Dumka treasury. The illegal withdrawal case from Doranda Treasury is on trial.

Lalu Yadav Shifted to AIIMS: Lalu brought from Ranchi to Delhi AIIMS, 16 diseases gripped

The fodder scam made headlines when Amit Khare, the then Deputy Commissioner of West Singhbhum district (Chaibasa), revealed on 27 January 1996. The Bihar Police registered a case on this and if the investigation proceeded, its wires were connected with Lalu Prasad Yadav and others. Later, the CBI started investigating the case, which has been going on for the last 25 years.