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Know what happens to the CPR, due to which the CISF jawan again saved a man at the metro station …



Know what is CPR, due to which the CISF jawan again saved the life of a man at the metro station!

CPR is a medical procedure used in the state of emergency, which can save many lives. The CISF jawan recently rescued a man from CPR.

A CISF jawan, without delay, gave CPR to the person, which saved his life.

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel deployed for the safety of people in the metro appeared as life savers for a passenger. Actually, the CISF jawan saved a person when he fell unconscious at the metro station. During this time, a CISF jawan gave CPR to the man without delay, so that his life could be saved. A few days before this, a young man saved the young man’s life through CPR at the Indraprastha metro station.

Actually, Rohit, a resident of Kalyanpuri, was traveling in the metro, suddenly stunned at Barakhamba metro station during the journey. After which CISF jawan gave CPR, which saved Rohit’s life. The CISF has given information about this on its official Twitter account and has also shared many pictures of the jawan. The pictures show how the CISF personnel are protecting them. In such a situation, we know what this CPR is, so that people can be given new life in the state of emergency…

What is CPR?

CPR is a medical procedure used in the state of emergency, which can save many lives. The full form of CPR is “Cardiopulmonary resuscitation”. This can save a person’s life in an emergency like cardiac arrest and inhalation. Simply put, CPR is given many times when a person suddenly stops breathing or if someone is not breathing in the event of cardiac arrest, due to which people can be saved.

In a way, CPR gives breath to the unconscious person, which provides oxygen to the lungs. At the same time blood circulating with oxygen already present in the body. For example, if the person’s breath or heartbeat has stopped, without enough oxygen, the cells of the body start to disappear very soon. At the same time, it also affects the brain, due to which many times the person dies. In such a situation, if CPR is given, then many lives can be saved. This increases the chances of saving lives.

How to give CPR?

CPR is not a drug or injection. It is a process used on the patient’s body. In this process, when the person stops breathing, the chest is pressed until the breath returns or the heartbeat becomes normal, due to which the blood already present in the body starts circulating. Also, in this process, breath is also given through the mouth of the patient. There is a special way of giving CPR, by which many people have been saved and many people can be saved.

Many times in the event of an accident, if the mouth gets hurt, then breath cannot be given through the mouth, in such a situation, breath is also given through the nose. However, it is necessary to know whether the person needs CPR or not. Only use it if you have taken its first training.

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