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Judge recited Ramayana before ‘hanging’, said that ‘slaughter’ of such a person is not a sin …



Judge recited the Ramayana before 'hanging', said that the 'slaughter' of such a person would not be a sin, broke the decision writing pen

Hardoi: The accused has been sentenced to death for the rape of a one-year-old girl (Rape) and then her murder. Mujrim’s name is Guddu aka Gabbu.

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Sometimes such moments also come in human life, which no one can forget by wanting a million. A similar incident appeared in Hardoi district court of UP, when Additional District and Sessions Judge was giving verdict in the murder case after the rape of innocent. Before he made his signature on the verdict, he mentioned the four-footed Ramcharit Manas in the presence of lawyers and criminals from both sides.

The sentence of Ramayana was given by Additional District and Sessions Judge Chandra Vijay Srinet (Poxo Court), who sentenced

“Anuj Badhu Bhagini Sut Nari, Sunu Sath Kanya Sama e Chari,
He has no illusion, it is not sinful. “

After mentioning this chaupai of the Ramayana mentioned above, the judge who was serving the sentence also explained his meaning. He said, “Younger brother’s woman or wife, sister, son’s woman or girl… They are all four. It is not a sin to slaughter anyone who sees them with bad eyesight. ” With this much said, the judge signed the judgment of “punishment-a-death” of the accused in front. At the same time, he immediately broke the pen in his hand, folded on the table in the filled court, after which he wrote the verdict of the death of the perpetrator. After giving the verdict in a few minutes, after breaking the pen and placing it on the table, the judge quietly got up and went to his chamber.

The crime of a criminal is not forgivable

The convict who was sentenced is named Guddu alias Gabbu. The judge, who had sentenced the dreaded criminal like Guddu to be hanged, even remarked before the verdict that “the kind of crime that the perpetrator has committed is barbaric, cruel and beyond the limits of inhumanity.” Such a person does not open any way to have mercy. Whatever this criminal has done, it is not the killing of humans, but the killing of humanity directly. The accused had killed that innocent little girl after rape. Who was not even in a position to defend himself in front of the perpetrator. That girl was helpless. In order to erase the evidence, the accused threw the dead body into the pond. All this cruelty cannot be tied to any definition. “

Partner of harshest punishment

Additional District and Sessions Judge Chandra Vijay Srinet of Hardoi District Court further said, “In Indian society, a girl is considered to be revered. It is considered as a goddess for minor girls especially girls up to 10 years old. Worship them. Their feet are washed. In a country where there is such a high level of social standards towards girls, such a disgusting act with an innocent child of one and a half years is certainly worthy of being punished with the harshest punishment. Some kind of mercy is neither seen nor visible in this. ”

The judge, who was sentenced to death for this cruel convict of rape and murder, went on to say, “Whatever the accused did to the innocent child, those wild and violent animals might not have done to the children of other animals.”

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