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Jharkhand: Husband took his life to stop dancing on DJ in idol immersion



Jharkhand: Husband takes life for preventing him from dancing on DJ in idol immersion, attacked with rod

Accused Women Aarti was insisting on DJ to dance. But her husband Krishna Bagti refused to do so,

Angry wife killed her husband as expected when she stopped dancing in Bokaro, Jharkhand.

Angry wife took her husband’s life as expected when she stopped dancing in Bokaro, Jharkhand. The wife attacked her husband with a rod, due to which he was badly injured. He was not immediately taken to the hospital for treatment even in an injured condition. He was kept indoors for nearly 40 hours in a wounded condition. Later he was taken to the hospital. Because of which he died. After the case was exposed, the accused wife was arrested by the police.

According to the news, this incident is of Sector six of Bocaro. This incident is being told about the day of Basant Panchami. After the Saraswati Puja near the garden Tola stone quarry here, during the immersion of the idol, the accused woman Aarti was insisting to dance on the DJ. But her husband Krishna Bagti refused to do so, which made her angry. There was a lot of controversy between the two on this matter at first. Even after the quarrel, the woman went into immersion arbitrarily and danced heavily on the DJ.

Husband murdered for stopping dancing

On returning home, there was a fierce fight between the two husband and wife, meanwhile, the angry woman attacked the husband with an iron rod kept in the house. She did not immediately take her husband to the hospital only after being injured. For nearly 40 hours, the victim lay in the house in a wounded condition. Seeing the condition worsening, the woman later admitted her to the hospital but she died there.

Accused woman arrested

The injured man died late on Saturday. The police arrested the accused woman Aarti on Sunday as soon as the entire case was known. Krishna and Aarti are the parents of three children. They have two daughters and a son. The police have taken the body and sent it for postmortem. This matter is being investigated.

Krishna was an auto driver. He used to raise his family only by driving an auto. At the time of the incident, his two sons and daughter were present inside the house. The whole incident happened in front of the children.