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India has given 2 lakh corona vaccine doses for UN Peacekeepers





  • Gutarais said – India has been a truly global leader in efforts to combat the global epidemic
  • Commended India’s efforts to support and strengthen ‘Kovacs facility’
  • All Peacekeepers of the United Nations Mission will be able to get both required doses of the vaccine

New Delhi
UN chief Antonio Gutarais praised India for its leadership in the global fight against the Corona virus and for its “urgent supply” of anti-COVID-19 vaccines in the global market. India’s permanent representative at the United Nations, TS Tirumurthy, tweeted on Saturday that Gutares wrote in a letter dated February 17 to India for “offering 200,000 doses of anti-COVID-19 vaccines” to UN peacekeepers abroad. Expressed “personal gratitude” to Minister S Jaishankar.

Permanent representative of India expressed gratitude by tweeting
Thirumurthy, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, tweeted and thanked the UN chief. He said that the Secretary-General has said, “India has been a global leader in efforts against the global epidemic”. According to an excerpt from the letter tweeted by Tirumurthy, Gutares said that India has been a truly global leader in efforts to combat the global epidemic by providing vital medicines, diagnostic kits, ventilators and personal protective equipment to more than 150 countries.

Thanks to India for supporting Kovacs
The United Nations chief said, “India’s efforts to develop and manufacture one of the two vaccines recently approved for inclusion in the list of emergency use by the World Health Organization has led to a global vaccine The market has provided much needed supplies. I also commend your efforts to support and strengthen the ‘Kovacs facility’ which ensures equal access. ”

United Nations Cooperation Department will distribute vaccine
Kovacs is a global initiative to ensure equal access to COVID-19 vaccines. India, called the world’s dispensary, has announced a two lakh dose of anti-COVID-19 vaccines for UN peacekeepers. Earlier, Secretary General’s spokesman Stephen Dujarik had said, “We are extremely grateful for the announcement of this meeting of the Indian delegation.” The United Nations Department of Cooperation will work on the distribution of vaccines. “India’s gift of two million vaccine doses means that all peacekeepers of the United Nations Mission will receive both required doses of the vaccine.”
Foreign Minister had announced to give vaccine dose
According to the United Nations Peacekeeping, a total of 94,484 personnel are currently deployed in 12 operations in the world. A total of 121 countries have personnel deployed in UN peacekeeping operations, of which the maximum number of soldiers are from India. It is noteworthy that Foreign Minister Jaishankar said during the UN Security Council’s digital open debate on the implementation of Proposition 2532 (2020) on the eradication of hostilities in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, “UN peacekeepers working under difficult conditions” We would like to announce a gift of two lakh doses to the people. ”He said referring to the Bhagavad Gita,“ Always do your work keeping in mind the welfare of others ”.

India helped 80 countries
He had said in the meeting that India is dealing with the COVID-19 challenge with this vision and appealed to the council to work together to tackle the various dimensions of this challenge. Jaishankar had told the council that the world’s dispensary, India, has been in the forefront of the global fight against COVID-19 and has already provided critical medicines, diagnostic kits, ventilators and PPE to more than 150 countries, including grants to 80 countries. Help was given.

Work on making 30 vaccines
He said that the use of two vaccines, including a home-made vaccine, has already been authorized for use in an emergency. In addition at least 30 vaccines are in various stages of development. He had told that India is providing vaccines to the world under the initiative of ‘Teeka Maitri’ and sending vaccines directly to its friends and partners.