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Increased concern over Corona’s growing threat, emergency call in PMO …



Increased concern over Corona's growing threat, emergency meeting called in PMO

An emergency meeting has been called in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) on Tuesday due to the Sudden increase in Corona Cases in the country. On Tuesday, 6218 new cases were reported in Maharashtra.

Corona cases are increasing again in Maharashtra

Which factors are responsible for the rise in the danger of Corona in the country? Are the two new corona strains found in Maharashtra and Kerala responsible for this? An emergency meeting has been called on this in the Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday. It has been discussed in the meeting that what is the main reason for the sudden rapid growth in states like Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh. In states like Maharashtra and Kerala, the reason for this is not to change the form of mutation. 800 to 900 samples from Maharashtra and Kerala have been sent to the lab for examination.

But at present, the logic of increasing corona due to new strain could not be confirmed without doing in-depth research. Apart from the meeting in the Prime Minister’s Office, in a press conference, Health Affairs Member of the NITI Aayog, VK Paul said that in Maharashtra and Kerala, two new formats of SARS-COV-2 (Sars-Cov-2) – N440K and E 484 have been found. At present, these two new strains cannot be held responsible for the increase in cases in some districts of both states.

New strains are not confirmed to increase corona

However, less than 200 UK strain infections have been found in India. At the same time, the new strain of South Africa is found in 4 people and the Brazilian strain is found in 1 person. But to what extent are they responsible for the growing danger of corona, research is going on. The reasons that are being given importance right now is to increase crowds in public places in violation of Corona rules. The wedding season begins, political rallies and festivities rise again without any caution.

Situation worries again in Maharashtra

The situation in Maharashtra remains worrying. Even on Tuesday, the corona figure in Maharashtra has crossed the thousand mark. In one day, 6218 new cases were reported from across the state. That means one thousand eight cases more than Monday. It is a matter of relief that 5869 people recovered on Tuesday. And the recovery rate was 94.96 percent. On Tuesday, 51 corona infectives died in the state. So far, 51 thousand 857 people have lost their lives due to corona, the total number of corona infected has reached 21 lakh 12 thousand 312.

Private hospital also included in the third phase of vaccination

On Tuesday, in the third phase of vaccination, the BMC also approved private hospitals to participate in this campaign. In this regard, Dr. Gautam Bhansali of Bombay Hospital said that there was a meeting with the BMC Commissioner on Tuesday. In which all private hospitals were approved.

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