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How Ugra management companies should work



How Ugra management companies should work

One of the topics of the Saturday live broadcast with the Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova was the work of management companies and the quality of their services to the population.

The site moderators – Kamila Rizayeva, chief specialist of the Center for Urban Environment Competence from Khanty-Mansiysk, and Sergei Tanshin, a member of the Public Chamber of Ugra from Sovetskoye – talked to residents of different settlements on the eve of the meeting and prepared a pool of questions of interest to citizens for the live broadcast.

The residents of Ugra, seeing Natalya Komarova as the patron and mistress of the region, turned to her with a variety of problems: roads littered with snow, large sums in payment receipts for housing and communal services, sanitary treatment of entrances, repairing the roof of the house and even a broken button in the elevator.

“Natalya Vladimirovna has to work not only for herself, but also for others,” the users noted in the comments to the live broadcast.

Natalia Komarova attracted heads of municipalities and heads of relevant departments to answer questions from residents. The head of the region built the dialogue in such a way that a systemic solution was developed for a particular case. By the end of the broadcast, the officials already had a number of instructions. For example, to organize work on snow removal in order to prevent spring flooding. Local authorities also need to think over a mechanism for restoring the missing design and estimate documentation for old houses.

– I like the way the discussion of issues is organized today. On the example of one situation, many problems are considered, – said alisa_saltykova_86.

– Indeed, today a very useful and rich broadcast, we looked at many examples, – evgenii.iakovlev1973 agreed with her.

Everything is serious

In a literal sense, residents of house no. 3/1 on Bazhova Street in Surgut were left without a roof over their heads on New Year’s holidays. Due to the lack of a roof, snow fell into the attic and melted. Several families living on the upper floors had to move. Evdokia Terskikh, a member of the house council, spoke about the state of the work.

– Our house is 42 years old. In October 2020, the roof renovation began and has been going on for four months. Two people go to work, and even then irregularly, and from January 16 to 26, they left the facility altogether and left. Our house is assembled from slabs, inside of which there is emptiness, and the walls are not yet sheathed. We are worried about when will the house be insulated? – Evdokia Terskikh outlined the problem.

Shukhrat Nabiyev, the director of the contractor company “EEK” LLC, did not deny his guilt, explaining that the delivery time for the materials was delayed due to the pandemic.

– We are ready to compensate for the losses to the tenants, we will complete all the remaining work, – the builder assured.

“If the customer agrees to continue relations with you,” Natalya Komarova pulled back.

According to the contract, the completion date for the work falls on November 2, 2020, so the head of the region instructed his deputy Andrei Zobnitsev to take appropriate punitive measures against the director of the regional capital repair fund, including in connection with the adoption and non-adoption of measures due to the breakdown of the contract by the contractor, up to before the inclusion of procedures for an unscrupulous contractor.

– Keep in mind, I was not joking. I made a public decision, – the governor turned to the contractor.

In one team

The moderators drew attention to the positive experience of resolving the problems of the population. Vera Shoshina, a resident of the Beloyarsk District, shared an example of effective interaction with the management company. In 2019, apartment owners received a notification from the Yugorsk Fund for Capital Repair.

– We did not agree with the types of the named works, as our house needed insulation. The specialists of the Beloyarsk District Administration helped us to draw up the documentation, recording the results of the energy survey. These documents were sent to the fund, which approved them. As a result, in addition to repairing water supply and sewerage risers, our house was insulated and sheathed. At the same time, we ourselves chose the color of the materials, which was very important for us. The management company always makes contact and even promised a major overhaul in the entrances, ”Vera Shoshina said, not hiding a happy smile.

– The complex scope of work and tasks had to be solved by the owners, the management company, and contractors. This was done because all the tools and opportunities provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation were used. The attitude towards her work also played a role, – noted Natalya Komarova. – Our main duty, I will not separate myself from the heads of municipalities in this matter, is to represent the interests of residents, – the head of the region emphasized.