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How to solve these 10 beauty problems (10 Most Common Beauty Problems and How T …



How to solve these 10 beauty problems (10 Most Common Beauty Problems and How T ...

How to solve these 10 beauty problems (10 Most Common Beauty Problems and How to Solve Them)

Everyone’s beauty problem is different and the methods of solving it are also different. We are telling you here some such easy solutions, which will remove your beauty problems in minutes. You too can solve these 10 beauty problems in this way.

1) Sometimes the nails of the hands and feet become so stiff that it becomes difficult to cut or give a correct shape.
If the nail is to be given a correct shape, cut the nail immediately after bathing or after working in water for a long time (after washing clothes or utensils). On coming in contact with water, the nails become soft and delicate, which makes it easier to give proper shape to the nail. Do not let the nail come in contact with water for too long, otherwise the nail itself may break.

2) After waxing, of course our hands look soft-soft-soft, but is it possible to avoid skin irritation after waxing?
If you want to avoid skin irritation after waxing, do not make waxing during pirids even by mistake. According to beauty experts, the skin becomes quite sensitive especially during the first three days of the period, which causes a burning sensation not only during waxing but also after waxing. After waxing, apply cold cream in your hands, you will get relief from irritation.

3) The skin of the face is quite sensitive, so after facials, the face becomes red or rash appears on the face.
If the same happens to you, then wash your face with cold water immediately after facials or spray it on the face by filling with cold water in a spray bottle, doing this will not make the face neither red nor rash after the facial Will emerge It is also beneficial to apply ice on the face after facials.

4) It is very easy to apply nail polish, but waiting for it to dry is a bit difficult.
In such a situation, to dry the nail polish quickly, apply the first coat of nail polish on the nail. Then dip your fingers in a bowl filled with cold water for two minutes. Then apply another coat. Now dip your fingers in the bowl for a total of three minutes. By doing this, the nail polish will be set well and dry in minutes. Similarly, you can also use hair dryer to dry nail polish. Even with the use of hair dryer, nail polish dries quickly in a short time. Keep the hair dryer in cool mode while drying the nail polish.

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5) Sometimes our only hairs (especially on the demand side) get white, which we cannot immediately go to the parlor and color.
In such a situation, with the help of mascara, you can easily blacken your one-off white hair. The hair is long as well as white, so first cut it with scissors. This will make it easier to dye the hair.

6) Long-thick hair is not only difficult to handle, but it also requires a lot of effort to dry it.
Use a hair dryer to dry hair. Dry the inner part of the hair first, then turn the hair dryer outwards. By doing this, the hair will dry completely and thoroughly. Remember, do not let the hair dryer get overheated, otherwise your hair may become dry. Drying the hair with a towel and drying it also dries the hair quickly.

7) Sometimes even after going to the parlor to get a hair cut, sometimes we fall victim to the shapeless hair cut.
In such a situation, you can easily hide your shapeless hair cut by applying hair band, hair clip or any special hair accessories to the hair. By doing this, the eyes of people will stop on your accessories, no one will go towards the hair cut. High bun or low bun hairstyles can also hide your shapeless hair cut.

8) When sleeping at night, our skin looks suppressed by pillows or the pressure on the sheet also causes lines to emerge on the skin.
To remove these lines that appear on the face, beat the peels of kinky water on the face, then apply a little cold cream on the affected area and massage with light hands. By doing this, the lines emerging on the suppressed skin or the skin will return to their old state. Use a satin pillow instead of cotton, it will not leave any marks on the face.

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9) Eyes swollen from sleeping for too long completely spoil our beauty.
To reduce the swelling of the eyes, fill a few pieces of ice in a small plastic bag and place it on the eyes for 10-15 minutes or slowly rotate around the eyes. Doing this will reduce swelling of the eyes. Swelling of cold water in open eyes also reduces swelling of eyes.

10) It is not necessary that our eyebrows are always in shape, sometimes the shape of eyebrows also gets spoiled.
In such a situation, heavy eye makeup can be used to hide your deteriorated eye brow. By doing this, people’s eyes will be stopped on attractive eye makeup and no one will pay attention to the shapeless eyebrows. You can also give the perfect shape to the thin eyebrows through the eyebrows pencil.