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How the special operation codenamed “Maya Sandu” will end



How the special operation codenamed "Maya Sandu" will end

The West is determined to establish complete control over Moldova. How Russia will respond

After the story of Alexei Navalny unfolded in Russia (with the “film-exposure” and aggressive clashes at rallies), the essence of which is the transformation of the “Berlin patient” into a “victim of the regime”, the events in Belarus and Moldova can no longer be perceived otherwise as interrelated, as certain actions on the “big chessboard”. It is all too obvious that the essence of these actions is the formation of a single anti-Russian space on the western flank of Russia from the post-Soviet states: Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

The “avatar” of the collective West

Western interference in the pre-election processes in Belarus and Moldova was frank and arrogant. And as shown by the “debriefing”, the actions of the “revolutionaries”, the opposition, were coordinated from one center. Of course, the scenario for each country had its own characteristics, various resources were involved. But the powerful preliminary preparation and strict coordination of organizational, informational and diplomatic means clearly indicate the involvement of the special services. And we remember that the Russian foreign intelligence service each time came up with its assessments of the actions of the “Western partners.”

The reasons for the defeat of Igor Dodon and the victory of Maya Sandu in the presidential elections were repeatedly examined, and experts noted the role of an external factor in the voting results.

We saw the collective actions of foreign diplomats, the EU and the United States, their repeated statements on falsification of elections by the socialists, as well as targeted strikes-speeches of ambassadors, for example, Derek Hogan. But there was also invisible work with political leaders and “civil society”. We also remember the participation in propaganda videos for Maia Sandu of famous figures – German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Donald Tusk. Moreover, the materials were translated into Romanian. Foreign media also actively campaigned for Sandu. First of all, Romania. The state resource of this country even boasted that it managed to reach 400,000 active users from neighboring Moldova and migrants. The media of Ukraine, Poland, Euronews, and, of course, bigtechs with their search preferences, uncontrolled advertising and social networks were connected.

We also witnessed the appearance of a film-revelation about Igor Dodon, allegedly prepared by an NGO, the story of the “president’s telephone”, the “revelation” of the participation of Russian political strategists in Dodon’s campaign, external surveillance of the PSRM office and other periodic stuffing. And, of course, at the finish line – “mass mobilization of the” diaspora “, connection of migration and other services of foreign states, transportation of voters. In a word, there was an initial, well-thought-out and well-realized plan for the victory of a Western candidate in the presidential elections in Moldova. The embodiment of the scenario involves going beyond the intellectual, organizational, informational and financial capabilities of the Maya Sandu headquarters. Therefore, we have good reasons to conclude that an external candidate has won in Moldova with the support of foreign special services. Not just one oriented towards the US and the EU, but an “avatar” of the collective West. This role was originally prepared for Maya Sandu, so no negotiations on her replacement with Andrei Nastase or someone else could have been in principle.

Go skating around the country

But the seizure of the presidency by “enpeos” and former associates of Vlad Filat was only the first point of the plan, since the head of state does not have many opportunities to govern the country. At the second stage (and the meetings of the opposition and agrarians to change the government and the resignation of parliament were actually a continuation of the election campaign), the process went on continuously. Thus, it would be wrong to understand the events in Moldova only as the replacement of a pro-Russian president with a pro-Western one. The goal is to take control of all branches of government, parliament, government, as well as the SIB, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the judicial system, the BCC, ANRE, the banking system, to clean up the political field from the “Kremlin agents”, that is, the omnipotence of the Western puppets in Moldova.

A separate item of the plan is forcing the integration of Transnistria, Russia’s outpost in the region. At first – in an amicable way, and then with the use of forceful methods. That is, Maia Sandu has to walk the skating rink around the country, turning Moldova into a second Ukraine. And in this regard, the greeting of the Moldovan president in Kiev to the Ukrainian military with a battle cry is a Freudian slip. Political only.

Algorithm of actions: break opponents through the knee

At the moment, a plan is being implemented to dissolve parliament in order to maximize the results and wave of presidential elections. The battle for parliament is decisive, so those who think that Maia Sandu should think about the country, form a transitional acting government, agree to a compromise, are most likely seriously mistaken.

Maia Sandu will not act as required by the interests of the people, laws, the Constitution, but in accordance with the goals set. In fact, there is no mechanism for removing the incumbent from office, for example, for the usurpation of power. The parliament does not have enough votes to make such a decision, and in the referendum, if it takes place, it will hardly be possible to get a little more “For” than the current head of state received in the November 2020 elections. Therefore, the politician will act decisively, impudently, trying to break opponents over the knee.

For her, in general, it does not matter what kind of decision the Constitutional Court will make at the request of the PSRM deputies. The algorithm of her actions was determined in advance, and it did not change when the PSRM, the Shor party and “For Moldova” nominated Marianna Durlesteanu as a candidate. The president will not be influenced by the decision of the Constitutional Court if he speaks out for the head of state to nominate a candidate for the parliamentary majority.

In the current circumstances, it is difficult to hope that the Constitutional Court’s decision will be legal, and not political and opportunistic. And no matter how they really are, Maya Sandu will do everything to nominate Natalia Gavrilitsa as a candidate.

How foreign ambassadors treat Moldovan politicians

We observe that foreign diplomats working in Moldova are already preparing the ground for this scenario. Recently, we have witnessed a meeting between the US Ambassador to Moldova Derek Hogan and the leader of the DA platform, Andrei Nastase, who proposed himself as a candidate for prime minister. And this move violates the plans of the West, since Nastase is a pro-European, pro-Romanian candidate, and if he is supported by the PSRM and the independent, the whole game of Maya Sandu will be broken. That is why an American diplomat appeared in the office of the DA platform.

Another ambassador from the EU, Peter Mikhalko, arrived at the headquarters of the PDM, another force that claims to be pro-European and does not seek to dissolve parliament. Mikhalko, as it became clear from his statements, urged Pavel Filip not to support, under any pretext, the PSRM candidate, the Shor party and “For Moldova” Marianna Durlesteanu. The people involved in the “theft of the century” should not be allowed to participate in the formation of the new government. The EU Ambassador was not at all embarrassed by the fact that he discussed the problem with the politician and the party that were implementing the “theft of the century” project. And, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the former leader of the DPM is the main beneficiary of the grandiose financial fraud, but not Ilan Shor at all.

Another hot April?

The actions of the EU and US diplomats undoubtedly draw on interference in the internal affairs of Moldova and show that today political processes in the state are dictated by external forces, as in neighboring Ukraine. These forces provide full support for the line of Maia Sandu, and if the peaceful scenario of the dissolution of the Moldovan parliament fails to be realized, another one will be launched – a protest one. And the Our Party and PLDM, who are rushing to parliament, have already announced their desire to organize violent rallies, and we even heard calls to take to the streets. So far, this is only intimidation of opponents, but if Maia Sandu’s plan does not work, then Moldova will again face a “hot April”, as in 2009.

Therefore, those who expect that something very important will happen at the session of the Constitutional Court on February 23 are mistaken. The logic of events unfolding in Moldova is inexorable. The actions are predetermined, and behind the scenes foreign players are giving commands to local politicians.

The vector of movement is very clear.

Allied with Ukraine and Romania

A few days ago, a Ukrainian-Moldovan roundtable was held, at which experts from the two countries stated that the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine “must unite to solve common problems, especially in the fight against corruption and in countering the negative influence of the Russian Federation.” It is noteworthy that Moldova was represented by the authors of the notorious plan to force Transnistria to integrate with Moldova – PDS deputy Oazu Nantoi and political scientist Vitaly Andrievsky.

Oazu Nantoi stressed that for the integration of the two countries to take place in practice, Moldova needs a different parliament and government.

And Vitali Andrievsky focused on the hybrid war with Russia and noted that Moldova cannot stand alone in this war. And, nevertheless, Chisinau should not “be afraid to tell Russia about the withdrawal of its troops from the Transnistrian region, not be afraid to talk about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, and also admit that Crimea has been annexed by the Russian Federation”.

Delivery of humanitarian aid from Romania to the fight against coronavirus to Moldova was also a political action. The convoy of cars arrived at the central square of Chisinau, where it was greeted by President Maia Sandu. Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu took part in the ceremony of handing over the humanitarian cargo. He said that Moldova has managed to re-win the trust of Western partners, and assured that Bucharest will continue to support Moldova’s European path. Aurescu wished Maia Sandu every success in his important post and said that Romania “is glad that Moldova has again become a reliable interlocutor for its Western partners.” But Chisinau will need many more decisive actions.

Thus, the neighbors from the West and the East are ready to do everything for the country to return to “pro-European values” and get involved in creating a common security space, where any Russian influence is excluded. Whether it will be in the form of a military alliance between Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, or in some other format, is no longer so important. The main thing is to finally withdraw Moldova from the Russian influence. And for the process to begin, it is necessary, as we have already noted, that Maia Sandu and her team take the parliament, government and all other institutions of public authority under their control.

When Russia is provoked, it acts

Will the Russian Federation calmly watch as pro-Western puppets in Moldova go on the offensive, approaching the moment when Transnistria will find itself in a ring and a complete blockade, when an ultimatum will be presented to Tiraspol and Russia, and the situation in the region will swing until it finally explodes? ?

It certainly won’t. When Vladimir Putin said that Russia would not abandon the Donbass, many automatically thought that these words could spread to Transnistria. In case, at the instigation of the West, someone decides to “unfreeze” the Transnistrian conflict.

Of course, Russia is not interested in the situation in Moldova developing in this direction. And in order to prevent this from happening, Moscow must build up the potential of its own instruments of influence in the region. The presidential elections in Moldova have shown that the West uses the widest arsenal of means and implements a policy of open interference in the internal affairs of our country. In essence, it behaves like an elephant in a china shop. The corresponding reaction of the Russian Federation cannot but follow.

All scenarios lead to one

The statement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Moscow is ready to break off relations with the EU shows that the “gentlemen” can start a “fight” too. And this means that the forelocks of the “slaves” will crackle. Therefore, Moldova must prepare for a serious political confrontation. It can be in the form of a war between the parliament and the president, dual power, “Maidan” and even provocations in Transnistria.

Only all these scenarios lead to one thing – the destruction of the Moldovan statehood. It cannot be ruled out that this is the ultimate goal of the special operation codenamed “Maya Sandu”.