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How did he become an innovative farmer?



How did he become an innovative farmer?

  • Software quit job .. farm hold ..

The number of companies that have not been punished is now high. Saduvakunnollu evusam jestunnarante koluvu arrival, doing or brick batukutunnaranukune rojuliyi. Do not want Evusam to have wings and grandparents’ lands to do. The world is like this, Mallikarjun left the city and went to Pallekochindu to get rid of Evusam without giving up his five-figure salary !. At first embarrassed. దండుగలొచ్చినయ్. After that the harvest is celebrated in Chelo! No profit .. Awards have come. Mallikarjun is India’s ‘Innovative Farmer’.

Under six years .. Big Kurmapalli (Karimnagar District, Chopdandi Zone) Surrounded by wools ‘Do you know Mavuram Mallikarjun Reddy?’ That is, ‘Ayanevalo makem erkani’ anetollu. Then he was called a software engineer. Something to remember in college. Go across town to get a job. What everyone in the village knows. Do you know the inkets for the side urns?

Now .. the big Kurmapalli people are saying that ‘Mavuram Mallikarjun is our village’. The people of the surrounding villages are saying that the boy is from our village. This is not to say that software can save you money. It is said that Telangana has brought a good name not only by leaving the software but also by evacuation. ‘Saduvukunnodayitene .. difficult to disgrace Jayani. Evusam did what was most profitable. Not to say that it will teach everyone. If Mallikarjun, 35, finds it difficult, no matter how many words he utters, it will not fit into one practice.

If the two join hands ..

Mallikarjun, a software engineer, has been working for semantic companies since 2003. He was married to Sandhyarani in 2007. She holds an MBA. She also works for software companies. Five-figure salaries for both! ‘Aha! What life ‘they think. ‘What’s this? Pollution, work tension, adulterated food .. is it necessary? ‘ Thought. Calm life, pollution-free air, non-polluting food, stress-free agriculture are the best things you can think of for a penny. Both of them spoke to each other. Mallikarjun appealed to Bapu Lakshmareddy. Convince. They came to the city in 2014 to do evusam.

Mavuram Lakshmareddy, Manemma has 12 acres of cultivable land. He started renting five more cars. Evus of organic methods. Doing so with drip irrigation can lead to rat infestation. The soil test for the second crop is not brick. Together with the agricultural scientists he learned that a suitable crop for that land, no bending would be good. Atla cultivates seven varieties of paddy for the second crop. Mallikarjuna’s fields yielded more than all the farmers in the village. Today is Vallinta festival!

New bending in the old cultivation method

Then Sandhi Mallikarjun Evusanla returned to me. What is taken is like gold. He went to the University of Chhattisgarh and came to know about zinc rice cultivation. He cultivates it on his farms. Mallikarjun now cultivates paddy, vasakommu (half an acre), ginger (10 pits), chilli (10 pits), palli, pesara, coriander, greens, fruit trees, pulses and sunflower. Of these, however, everyone is showing interest in the cultivation of sorghum. Once upon a time there was a time when it was tempting for a child to speak well. There are other medicinal benefits to that. Vasakommu is cultivating in collaboration with the Ayurvedic University which is doing research on them. This is a 9 month harvest period. Yield is 25 quintals per acre. Price Quinta 9 thousand rupees. Mallikarjun says that this herb is being used as an ayurvedic medicine for asthma and tuberculosis patients and its cultivation is easy and the benefits are high. Commercial crops Mallikarjun says that he is cultivating with organic fertilizers and organic pesticides without investing too much in everyone and that is why the investment is so low.

Affiliation with Chenu

He is also raising fish in a farm well and pots. Animal husbandry has an interest in itself. He has set up a shed near his house and is raising domestic cows, goats, sheep and chickens. Converting their manure into organic manure rather than pentane waste. De-composting of grass raised for livestock, decomposing agricultural waste without burning it and using it as organic manure to increase soil fertility.


Agriculture officers and Agriculture University professors are encouraging Mallikarjun to share his experiences with everyone. Scientists have hired Mallikarjun as an advisor to the Center for Agricultural Science.
He teaches cultivation lessons to the students studying there and shares his experiences with the farmers. How much is the profit? Kovalno is telling the farmers to reduce the catch. Mallikarjun was appointed a member of the ‘Spirit’ section. If Mallikarjun shows a new way to other farmers, Evasam Danduga will not. It ‘s a day to remember.

Q.Yogas are good

Bringing more people with me into the organic method. They are making a small profit for their hard work. I’m happy doing it. The farming methods I practice have not turned out to be juicy chana many farmers. Now our wool is being grown organically on 300 acres. I am very proud of that. ‘Integrated agriculture, if we adopt new policies, we will get better yields and we will be profitable.– Mavuram Mallikarjun Reddy

Awards for Ideas

The Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) annually gives the ‘Innovative Farmer’ Award to anchor new ideas in agriculture, higher returns with less investment and higher profits with integrated farming. Mallikarjun Reddy from Telangana State has been selected for ‘Innovative Farmer – 2021’. That is why he was nominated for the annual Jagjivan Ram Abhiwan Kisan Puraskar given by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Mallikarjun has received many awards and honors for his work. District Collector Mallikarjun Reddy was presented with the Best Farmer Award on January 26. Professor Jayashankar received the ‘Best Farmer’ awards from the Agricultural University, Chhattisgarh University.

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