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Hemant Soren said at Harvard India Conference – Adivasis were never Hindus and neither are they …



Hemant Soren said at Harvard India Conference - Adivasis were never Hindus and neither are they ...


  • Hemant Soren addresses Harvard India conference through virtual medium
  • Jharkhand CM said- Tribal society continued to be suppressed
  • ‘Adivasi societies are nature worshipers and have different customs’
  • Hemant Soren targeted BJP ideology

Ravi Sinha, Ranchi
Chief Minister Hemant Soren addressed the Harvard India Conference late Saturday night in a virtual medium. He said that Adivasis were never Hindus nor are they Hindus. Tribal societies are nature worshipers and have different customs. For centuries, tribal society has been suppressed, sometimes indigenes, sometimes tribals, sometimes under other identities. But this time the provision of others for tribal society has also been removed in the census.

Hemant Soren said – Adivasis have no place in census
Hemant Soren said that there is no place for tribals in the census. Five-six religions have been tried to explain that they have to choose one of these. He said that the state government has urged the Center that there should be a separate column for the tribal group in the upcoming census, so that they can move forward by preserving their tradition and culture.

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CM criticized BJP ideology
Chief Minister Hemant Soren further said that the year 2021 has been declared by the state government as the year of appointment. The process of filling the vacant posts through other means including JPSC has been initiated. For this, further steps are being made by making rules. He took a dig at the BJP ideology and said that 89-year-old social worker Father Stan Swamy has been kept in jail. A person whose memory has gone, who cannot speak properly, has been kept in jail in case of treason.

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Hemant Soren said – what is the situation of JNU, everybody is watching
The Chief Minister said that what people are seeing is the situation of JNU. Some small-time leaders also accuse them of this kind, but they are struggling people, now such an attempt will not allow tribal society to succeed. He said that for the role of tribals around the world to remain intact, they will be ready for whatever role they need to play. He also thanked the organizers of the Howard India Conference and invited their suggestions.