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Harry and Meghan’s candid interview with Oprah Winfrey sparks Queen’s wrath



Harry and Meghan's candid interview with Oprah Winfrey sparks Queen's wrath

Prince Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey will be edited after their explosive conflict with the royal family, according to the Daily Mirror.

The consent of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to give a candid interview to the American TV star stunned Queen Elizabeth II. This led to the couple, who settled in their £ 11million Californian mansion and had not visited the UK for almost a year, were deprived of their military and sports patronage functions.

Given the situation between last week’s filming and the stripping of Harry and Meghan’s patron status for a number of institutions and charities, the couple’s televised conversation with Oprah Winfrey will be edited, writes the Daily Mirror.

It is understood that the couple spoke about their roles in the royal family, which changed “significantly” after they spoke with Oprah. Ideally, one American television insider said, CBS would like to reshoot part of the interview to discuss the changes.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “When the Duke and Duchess spoke, they were never supposed to be deprived of their patronage status. They did not expect this and started talking because they still needed to play their part. Now, however, apart from their titles, they should not play any role in royal life – the producers know that this was not discussed when Winfrey spoke to them. “

The interview reportedly took place last Tuesday, the day that Harry’s grandfather, the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, was hospitalized “as a precautionary measure” after feeling unwell.

Winfrey is said to have spent two days with the Sussex filming their interviews. Ahead of the March 7 broadcast, there is an international tender war over the rights to Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan.

The couple are said to have agreed to the interview because they “wanted to say the last word about Megxit” (this is the name of the allegedly provoked Meghan Markle breakup between the Dukes of Sussex and the Royal House of Great Britain).

It was reported that Prince William was infuriated by Harry and Meghan’s “offensive, disrespectful and irritable” attacks on the Queen.

The Duke of Cambridge was “shocked” by his brother’s behavior towards their royal grandmother after he and his wife were stripped of their remaining royal powers.

Just minutes after Buckingham Palace made an announcement on Friday in which Queen Elizabeth II declared the couple remain “very beloved members” of the family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued a statement of his own, which many saw as a blow to the Queen and the Windsor.

The Oprah Winfrey TV show is expected to focus on Meghan, who is expecting her second child. The interview will discuss “entering the royal life, marriage, motherhood, charity” and “how she copes with life in the face of strong social pressure.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is reportedly “causing a headache” due to a “very embarrassing” wish to be included in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration with Meghan Markle. Next year, the country will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s inauguration with an event that was intended as a four-day extravaganza of public celebrations, including parades and spectacles.

And as the Daily Mirror writes, it looks like the Queen’s grandson, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, stripped of honorary military appointments and royal patronage, are eager to join the fun.

But the presence of Harry and Meghan is allegedly already creating problems for Buckingham Palace after the Queen confirmed that the couple would cut all official ties with the royal family after they decide to step down from their duties and retire from public service for good.

Now The Sun reports, the “insider” said, “Harry wants to be there. This is already causing a headache and will be very uncomfortable. Where will they be located if they appear? What events can they attend? Will they be allowed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace? This is a celebration of the Queen’s 70 years of service to the people and should not be overshadowed. Now there are so many questions about what to do with Harry and Meghan. “

It is unclear what form the Queen’s anniversary celebration will take next year after the COVID-19 pandemic, but no plans have yet been confirmed.

Prince Harry is expected to travel to the UK this summer to unveil a statue of his late mother, Princess Diana.

Recall that at the end of March 2020, Harry and Meghan Markle officially resigned as senior members of the royal family. On their Instagram account, they said goodbye to their fans, writing: “You won’t see us here again. We look forward to reuniting with you soon. ” According to the agreement reached with Buckingham Palace, Harry and Megan are deprived of the titles of “Royal Highnesses”, refusing to perform royal duties. The couple also pledged to return to the treasury the £ 2.4 million spent on renovating their cottage near Windsor Castle in Berkshire. At the same time, Harry and his wife retained the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which they received after their wedding in May 2018.