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Gujarat’s first trans woman doctor … Seeman freezes for child’s sake …



Gujarat's first trans woman doctor ... Seeman freezes for child's sake ...


  • Dr. Jasonur of Gujarat is the first trans woman doctor of the state
  • Her body is male but she considers herself a woman
  • She is soon going to be fully female by changing her sex
  • But before that they have freeze their semen

Radha Sharma, Ahmedabad
Dr. Jasonur Daira of Gujarat is a trans woman. Meaning she was born as a male but she considers herself a woman and will soon undergo sex change surgery. But before doing so, he has got his seaman freeze protected. His dream is to take care of the children born through it like a mother.

Dr. Daira has recently taken an MBBS degree from a university in Russia. She is the first trans woman doctor of Gujarat, she was born in Godhra. Right from childhood, he realized that even though his body may be male, he is female by heart. But he never told his family. She did not want the householders to be unnecessarily upset.

Got abroad
But when the scope went to study abroad, he got the courage to bring his identity and feelings to the fore. She says, ‘I recognized my true nature and showed the ability to live like a woman. It was like getting freedom. ‘ But now Radius does not want to stay at any cost and wants to live life on her own terms. Gradually, he is getting support from his family and society.

Sex change will be done later this year
Later this year she wants to become a woman by changing her sex. This will fulfill his dream of becoming a mother. This child will be their child biologically because as a father it will be born from the sperm present in their boundary. This sperm will be mixed in the womb of the surrogate mother by mixing it with donor egg. After the child is born, the circle will adopt it and raise it like a mother.

Problems can come in India
However, they will have difficulty in doing so in India. Under the Surrogacy Bill (2019) no unmarried men can take help of LGBT couple or live in surrogacy. However, it is yet to get the approval of the Rajya Sabha and the President.

Scope also has an option
But the scope is not disturbed by this. She says to find options for surrogacy in other countries of the world. However, the intention of the scope is that there should be laws in India that help people like them to fulfill their desire to become parents.

NCRB creates separate category for transgender in gender classification