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GUJARAT BJP NEWS: Chief Minister Corona positive, not coming Surat



GUJARAT BJP NEWS: Chief Minister Corona positive, not coming Surat

Three public meetings held in favor of BJP in absence of Chief Minister, BJP state president Patil took over

face. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, being Corona positive, did not come to Surat on Monday in connection with campaigning for BJP candidates in the local body elections. However, during this time, the party kept the three public meetings in the city in the evening, and the responsibility of campaigning in these has to be handled by BJP state president CR Patil and other leaders.

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani fell down in a dizzy spell while addressing a public meeting in Vadodara on Sunday in the local body elections in the state. He was subsequently admitted to the UN Mehta Heart Hospital in Ahmedabad and treated. The medical bulletin issued from the hospital on Monday afternoon said that after the Chief Minister Rupani was admitted to the hospital on Sunday night, he was tested for health and found ECG, 2D echo, blood test normal. After this, the RT-PCR test was taken for the corona examination of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and after his corona report came positive on Monday morning, he was admitted to UN Mehta Hospital for medical treatment. It was told in the medical bulletin that in the Chief Minister’s corona report, HRCT throkes, RL-6, D-dimer and oxygen are all normal.

– BJP will win elections on the basis of development

In the absence of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani becoming corona positive, three public meetings were organized on Monday evening in the Pandesra, Palanpur and Qatargaon areas of the city by the BJP Metropolitan Unit. Earlier in these meetings, both Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and BJP state president CR Patil had to address the public. BJP state president CR Patil took up the task of addressing the public meeting with the chief minister being sub-judice in Ahmedabad. The three meetings started in different areas of the city after six and a half in the evening and lasted till about ten in the night. In this, BJP State President Patil asked the workers and others present to reach out to voters on the basis of development in Surat Municipal Corporation elections and ask for votes.

-Jonwar public meeting

On Monday evening, the first public meeting of BJP was held near Piyush Point in Pandesra. In this public meeting, in addition to BJP candidates of Ward 27, 28, 29 and 30 located in Udhna zone, heads of several page committees, activists and regional MLAs and activists were present with the public. After this, BJP’s public meeting was held at Vivekananda Township premises in Palanpur area of ​​Rander Zone around 8 pm and BJP candidates and party leaders and workers of all wards located in Rander zone were present here in large numbers. On Monday, the third and final public meeting took place at Bapa Sitaram Chowk near Lalita Quartet in Qatargaon Zone. BJP workers were present in large numbers in all three meetings. During this, other ministers including former minister Narottam Patel, MLA Harsh Sanghvi, Vivek Patel, Jhankhana Patel were present.

Sloganeering slogans against Rahul Gandhi

Angered by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s remarks to businessmen in Gujarat at an event held in Assam, BJP workers staged a protest near Makai Bridge in Nanpura on Monday evening. During the protest, BJP Metropolitan Unit President Niranjan Jhanjmera, General Secretary Kishore Bindal, former Mayor Dr. Jagdish Patel and many other party workers and local leaders were present. During this, BJP workers shouted slogans against Congress leader Rahul Gandhi there and demanded an apology.