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Gravel mafia is sieving the chest of Banas river



Gravel mafia is sieving the chest of Banas river

The gravel mafia in Banas river near Rajmahal-Botunda has started mining of gravel by making way in the river near Shilabari Dah near Bisalpur dam.

Palace. In the Banas river near Rajmahal-Botunda, after the temporary installation of two soldiers and a head constable by the police, the gravel mining has been curbed to some extent in the Rajmahal. Has started mining of gravel by making way.

To reach the Shilbari mouth of the Banas river, the gravel mafia has pulled out from the Ravata Mataji village through the Bisalpur road route for about one and a half km, by destroying the tree plants in the forest area with the JCB machine, according to the information of the forest department Along with personnel, policemen were given. Here the gravel mafia is mining the gravel in Banas through the forest area just after dusk, filling the gravel in the tractor-trolley and transporting it towards Deoli, Daulat Mor, Panwad, Kasir, Villari.

Fury among the farmers of Banas:
There is resentment among the Patakastakars of Banas for making gravel mining by making way for gravel mining near the Shilabari Dah of the Banas River. Farmers say that they have been patched in the gravel of Banas river for years and take care of themselves and family. In such a situation, if gravel is destroyed by Banas after gravel mining, there will be a crisis of livelihood in front of them. They have given information of gravel mining to the police along with the forest department officials, but there is no resentment among the farmers due to no action.

Unclaimed tractor-trolleys seized in river
Twine During the patrolling, the Ghad Police on Friday seized tractor-trolleys standing in unclaimed condition on the Banas river in Amli-Jagtya and registered a case. Thanaprabhari Rameshwar Meena said that during the patrol, seized three tractor-trolleys parked in the garb of river banks and searched for the drivers and owners, on finding none, the three vehicles were parked at Saroli Chowki and registered a case under Section 38.

3 tractor trolleys seized while transporting illegal gravel mining

Peepaloo The Piplu police have taken action to seize 3 tractor mu trolleys for illegal gravel mining and transport. Police officer Harinarayan Meena said that on the instructions of Piplu Police Deputy Superintendent Tarachand Chaudhary, 3 tractor-trolleys were passing through gravel on the rough route from Gautra Kuredi to Gata, whose drivers escaped from the spot leaving tractor trolleys after seeing the police. Bringing the seized tractor trolleys to Piplu police station and put them in safety. Simultaneously, the police have started research by registering a case against the absconding drivers in the MMRD Act.

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