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Forget the dust! New-age matt ‘air purifier’ price is many times lower



Forget the dust!  New-age matt 'air purifier' price is many times lower

Professor Animangshu Ghatak of IIT Kanpur has made a special mate. It ensures a clean, hygienic and refreshing environment in our homes, offices, hospitals and laboratories by incorporating dust particles. This mate is cheap and can be washed and used again and again in this way.

Scientists have developed a sticky adhesive mat that assures clean, hygienic and freshening environments in our homes, offices, hospitals and laboratories by incorporating dust particles from the exposed surface. Keeping the expensive and sensitive devices clean also ensures their smooth functioning. This mate is cheap and can be washed and used again and again in this way.

Let’s know about it…

Professor Animangshu Ghatak of the Department of Chemical Engineering of IIT Kanpur has developed this mate under the Make in India program with the help of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

He developed this by looking at the pads sticking to the claws of wall-climbing creatures such as lizards found in homes.

The adhesive in the mat pulls dust particles towards it with the help of ultra-pyramidal shape bump on its surface so that the soles of our shoes are cleaned when we step on it.

When the adhesive is completely filled with dust particles, it is cleaned in the same way that we wash our clothes.

After this, its surface is once again ready to start its work again and in this way it can be used hundreds of times.

Scientists have worked on the idea of ​​preparing it in different sizes, keeping in mind the large area for the development of the mat, the control of the surface shape by simple methods, the possibility of washing and reuse. It has been certified and application for Indian Patent has also been filed for Sticky Mate.

Mat Image 1

Dust-collecting and even indoor mosquito catcher washable adhesive

It is easy to prepare and wash, environmentally friendly, inexpensive and can replace the material imported for this purpose.

The product closest to Sticky Mate is the 3M Sticky Mate but it cannot be washed and reused.

Mat Image

Example of washable adhesive

It can be used in ICU of MAT hospitals. Can be used as a component of air filters in chambers and facilities holding sensitive equipment.

This technology is important for every place where cleanliness and hygiene is required. At the level of technology readiness level, this product is at the level of 7-8 and it is yet to be commercialized. Experimental plant is being constructed to produce it on a large scale.

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