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For the Justice League Snyder cut, Jack did not charge any fees, told not to take money …



Jack did not charge any fees for Justice League Snyder's cut, reason for not taking money

Jack Snyder recently told during an interview that he has not taken money for this film. You will also be shocked to know the reason behind this decision of Jack.

Jack snider

There are only a few months left for the release of Jack Snyder’s Justice League, but the film is still ringing on the Internet. Snyder left the film in the middle because his 20-year-old daughter died suddenly. Snyder’s daughter committed suicide. When it was announced that Snyder is working on the film back, the fans are eagerly waiting for the director’s return.

Jack recently told during an interview that he has not even taken money for this film. Jack said, I am not getting the money. I did not want to be grateful to anyone. Let me tell you that the trailer of Justice League has been released a few days ago, which has been very much liked. The trailer begins with the narration of Jesse Eisenberg, who gives warning about a big battle in the coming time. It has a glimpse of the new look of Cyborg and Superman in the end of the trailer. Jared Leto has returned as a clown. The rest of the trailer shows what was in the old film. This time however, we have got to see the look of Darkseid.

What is Justice League

Batman V was a part of Superman in which Bruce Wayne dreamed of Darkseid and the army of Apokolips captured the Earth. If we talk about this film, then the film is similar to Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ film in which all the superheroes of DC Comics are seen together.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Sieberg are all superheroes coming together in this film. Earlier in the year 2017, director Joss Whedon in his film ‘Justice League’, brought together all the super heroes of DC Comics.

This film is going to be four hours long. The film will cover every scene that was cut from the film due to the studio’s mandate to keep it under two hours. It will also feature Victor Stone or Cyborg’s backstory, Barry Allen or The Flash’s love for Iris West and encounters with others.

Watch the full trailer of Justice League below.

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