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Fear of BJP persecuting farmers movement, may not move anywhere in UP



The 'Stop Rail' movement of farmers passed away in peace, eating in Punjab and Haryana


  • There has been uneasiness in the BJP due to the agitation for nearly two and a half months against the agrarian laws.
  • Party strategists fear that this movement should not be Jat vs others?
  • 55 assembly seats in 19 districts with Jat dominant electorate in western UP may be challenged

Sanjay Srivastava, Ghaziabad
There has been uneasiness in the BJP due to the agitation for nearly two and a half months against the agrarian laws. Party strategists fear that this movement should not be Jat vs others? If this happens, the 55 assembly seats in 19 districts of Jat dominant electorate in western Uttar Pradesh can be a challenge for the party. In such a situation, the difficulties of the Yogi government, which once remained a plan of strong return in the upcoming assembly elections, may increase.

In view of this, the party’s chief strategist and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, along with 40 Jat leaders from Haryana including western Uttar Pradesh, were invited to Delhi two days ago. He told them clearly that they should not sit at home now. Get on the road and try to prevent the Jat voters from being dispersed by creating an atmosphere in favor of the farmers law by going among the Khap Panchayats.

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Information about the farmer movement and its loss
Prominent Jat leaders of western Uttar Pradesh, especially Satpal Singh of Baghpat MP, Sanjeev Balyan of Muzaffarnagar, former Mayor of Ghaziabad Ashu Verma, Kisan Morcha state president Raja Verma, Naresh Sirohi were called by Amit Shah to the meeting. It was told that Shah took information about the Kisan movement and the damage done to the party one by one.

Shah’s instructions on the politeness of leaders

It was told that Shah was angry with the Jat Samaj MLAs and MPs of western Uttar Pradesh for not being able to hold the party firmly, while the party is also being harmed by the brashness of many leaders. He instructed them to speak whatever thoughtfully.

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Loss of public representatives if Jat votes are separated
During this period, some leaders told about the resentment among the farmers on getting solutions to the problems of sugarcane farmers, to which Amit Shah asked them to spread wide publicity about the decision taken by the Modi government in the interest of farmers, Reassure them about what has not happened.

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Sources reveal that during the meeting, Amit Shah also made it clear that if the Jat voters split from the BJP, the Jat public representatives will suffer the most. He should not be in any kind of misunderstanding about this.

The impact of the movement on the district panchayat elections too!
A prominent leader associated with the BJP said that in the meeting called by Amit Shah, there was also a discussion that this time the Kisan agitation could have an impact on the district panchayat elections.

As the movement is spreading in the village and other political parties including RLD, Congress and SP are trying to create an atmosphere against the BJP in the garb of this movement, if the party has not prepared any special plan on it So the party candidates who are contesting the district panchayat elections may have to bear the brunt. If this happens, it will become a challenge to vote in favor of BJP in rural areas even in the assembly elections.

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Rakesh Tikait burnt life in the movement
Opposition parties and farmer organizations are opposing all three agricultural laws brought with the claim of improving the economic condition of farmers. Farmers’ organizations have been agitating for the last two and a half months demanding the abolition of this bill.

There is a discussion in political circles that the way the farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has revived the peasant movement in western Uttar Pradesh, farmers voters in most of the districts of the west, especially the Jat voters who were with the BJP till now, look angry. Huh.

24% Jat voters in western UP
Statistics show that around 24% of Jat voters are claimed in these districts. This is why RLD, which lost its political ground in western UP in the last assembly and Lok Sabha elections, has also come out in front of the bill.

Party leaders Ajit Singh and Jayant Chaudhary are continuously joining the Kisan Panchayat. In view of this, BJP’s strategists are now seeing deteriorating atmosphere for the party in the 2022 assembly elections.

kisan andlolan effect on yogi government

Do not get caught on Yogi’s withdrawal from the peasant movement.