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Eye patients have increased fivefold with lockdown



Eye patients have increased fivefold with lockdown

Chennai: With the lock down, the number of eye patients has increased fivefold in our country. Staying at home all day watching TV for hours .. or spending more time in front of mobile phones, laptops, computers can greatly increase eye problems. Lockdown has also brought eye problems to those who do not have eye problems, from children to adults. Ale said the situation of those who were already in trouble was well advanced. Many people do not go to the eye doctors for fear of corona and the eye problems get worse. More than 1.20 crore people across the country are hospitalized with severe eye diseases An estimate of who is coming for treatment. Dr. Amar Agarwal is the Chairman of Dr. Agarwal Group of Eye Hospitals in Chennai Speaking at a media conference, Corona said eye problems have increased significantly with the lock down. He expressed concern that more than 15,000 people a day were coming for treatment at more than 100 Agarwal hospitals across the country. Inquiries into the causes that led to the increase in eye problems have found that habits that seem too simple can harm the eyes. After thinking for a while, everyone was glued to TVs, phones and computers for hours. It turned out that they were suffering from eye diseases and could not control those habits.

  • For those who already have eye problems, eyesight has been gradually slowing down.
  • Suffered from problems such as formation of layers in the eye and dryness.
  • Problems among children have also increased as students in Lockdown attend classes online.
  • IT employees have been suffering from eye diseases after working with computers for hours at home.
  • Those who stay at home suffer from eye problems for reasons such as watching TV shows non-stop for entertainment.
  • Those who worked for hours at computers and laptops had their eyes wet. Sight is slowing down.
  • See a doctor at least three months before the lockdown. Eye problems worsened after it took almost 11 months for normal conditions to return after the lock-down.

That is why ophthalmologists recommend that people with eye problems go to the nearest doctor and seek treatment without delay.

Agarwal Hospitals ED Dr Ashwin Agarwal, Dr S Soundari and others said that all the doctors and staff in the hospitals were vaccinated and asked the patients to go to the hospitals without fear. They explained that they currently have ‘Ava Glaucoma Test’ equipment in their hospitals that can detect and treat eye diseases in a matter of moments.

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