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Everything is ours!

HCA acting at will

Strengthening young cricketers

TPL that is not in Soi

Hyderabad (Andhra Jyoti Sports Correspondent): Everything we like ‘.. This is the style of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA). ‘The majority of clubs are Maoists. The teams that play in division leagues are Maoists. The HCA rulers are risking the careers of talented emerging cricketers by acting in the manner of ‘We say the Vedas’. Devadatta Padikkal (RCB), Ruturaj Gaikwad (CSK), Tamil Nadu leg-spinner Varun Chakraborty (KKR), Suryakumar Yadav (Mumbai Indians), who shone in the last IPL, came to light through the local T20 leagues organized by the respective state cricket associations. While these leagues are coming to cricketers from other states .. Hyderabad cricketers have lost that opportunity.

What will happen to the Telangana Premier League?

The HCA released a statement on November 6 last year. ‘The proposals for the management of the Telangana Premier League were discussed in the Apex Council. We are going to organize a league soon with a company called ‘Tea Sports’. Full details of the league’s management will be revealed soon, ‘said HCA President Azharuddin and Secretary Vijayanand in a statement. Don’t do that again in three months. On the other hand, Karnataka Premier League, Tamil Nadu Premier League and T20 Mumbai League are running successfully in their respective states. Up to 6-10 teams are competing in these IPL-style tournaments. Not only cricketers from metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai but also players from remote areas are coming to light as more teams are likely to play. These leagues are becoming a good platform for cricketers who have not had the opportunity to play in Hazare and Ranji to prove their talent. As a result, cricketers from these states are getting a chance to play in the IPL, while Hyderabadis are looking the other way.

Clubs by Binami:

With the exception of Azharuddin, each of the HCA’s current rulers has been accused of having clubs with more than 5-10 benami names. The clubs are run in the blink of an eye with the names and addresses of relatives. ‘There is only one club in my name. Other clubs are not in my name so how can they take action against us’, some adults in the HCA say slowly. Criticisms have been leveled at one club for leasing the rest to private academies and earning millions a year. Many HCA club secretaries and parents of cricketers are worried about the loss of talent if cricket is turned into a business.