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EMERCOM employee smashed the work of American rescuers in Texas



EMERCOM employee smashed the work of American rescuers in Texas

Abnormal cold weather and snowstorms in the US have led to the worst fuel crisis in 80 years. Millions of people were left without electricity and heat, and the supply of humanitarian aid and fuel is hampered in cities. The rescue services, together with the troops of the National Guard, are trying to provide assistance to the local population, but so far they cannot cope with the bad weather. The EMERCOM employee appreciated their actions.

The Texas power grid has returned to normal operation. After an emergency power outage and the collapse of the entire power supply system of the state, rescue services were able to resume its work. However, still without water, heat and light, houses remain that are not connected to the power supply system. Also, it is difficult to move on the state roads, which were filled up as a result of an unexpected snowfall.

State emergency services are transporting bottled water by helicopter to towns and cities where the water supply system has failed due to cold weather. The pipes of the water supply system cracked during the frost. In a number of areas it is also necessary to deliver food.

Despite statements by the White House about sending additional aid to the affected areas, tens of thousands of households still remain without electricity, and so far American rescuers cannot do anything about it.

As told in “MK” the current employee EMERCOM of Russia, who wished to remain anonymous, the situation in Texas clearly showed the problems of the American life support system and the inability of the rescue services to respond to new threats in time. The specialist believes that this is not the first time that the United States faces such challenges, but Washington has not done anything to prevent them for decades.

– Any weather disasters in the United States are, as a rule, a reason for political bickering. For example, Trump blamed the problems of eco-activists, “green”. Now Biden is in power and is blamed for everything on global warming, despite the absurdity of such statements.

In fact, the situation is really out of the ordinary for a region like Texas. But there, it seems, there were no reserves at all in case of such an emergency. That is, it could not be a snowfall, but for example a hurricane, and the consequences would be the same.

– What do you have in mind?

– For example, in Russia there are regional and federal repositories of strategic resources just in case of such emergencies. There are back-up storage facilities for fuel, basic medicines and food, primarily grain or flour. Plus, there are dozens of field kitchens, mobile bakeries, stocks of canned food, etc. in reserve in the regions.

These are certainly not ideal stocks, but at least something. Moreover, these reserves can be opened in any emergency, regardless of how typical it is for a particular region. The very essence of the emergency is that they are not expected. And so you have to be ready for anything.

– In the USA, it turns out that such large reserves were not made?

– Perhaps they are, they just are not opened because of some typical American red tape. There is a president, there are state authorities and local rescue services. So far, they are figuring out more who to appoint guilty, and not how to help people.

– What should they do?

– Firstly, in such a situation, a total mobilization of all forces is needed. Army, national guard, emergency services from all over the country. For example, they were able to drive soldiers to Washington to protect the president. But I can’t help people. All neighboring states must send all available equipment to clear snow debris. For example, military engineering vehicles that can clear roads would be useful here. In the end, a bucket can be installed on the tank to shovel snow. However, the troops are sitting in the barracks, only limited contingents are working.

Further. The absence of a clear plan of action is evident. While some are saving turtles from frostbite (which, of course, is noble), others are chaotically delivering aid in such a way that in some areas there is an excess, while in others nothing is delivered at all. There is no strategy, no single crisis center. Nothing at all. It seems that the suffering of local residents is even deliberately delayed for some kind of political games.

In turn, Alexander Podgrushny, an expert of the All-Russian movement “Strong Russia” on emergency situations, noted that there are many differences in the response to emergencies in Russia and the United States. For example, tasks such as putting out fires or rescuing people are not a function of the state in the United States. Everything is entrusted to the governments of the states and municipalities. Due to frost in the southern states of the United States, water pipes burst. As a result, there is not enough water not only for the population, but also for firefighters when fighting fires.

“One can only express sympathy to the Americans,” the expert noted. “I don’t know who owns the frozen water pipes in the United States. Their hydrants are located outside, like posts by the road, we have – otherwise, we are a northern country. It is obvious that the US authorities are not ready for climate collapse, unlike us. Our external water supply in settlements is run by municipal or city water utility services. In spring and autumn, together with them, firefighters carefully check the readiness of the external fire-fighting water supply for operation in the autumn-winter and spring-summer periods. Inspection acts are drawn up, submitted to the State Fire Inspection to control the elimination of deficiencies.

According to him, fire hydrant wells are necessarily insulated in the northern regions. In the event of a fire in winter, the duty of the water utility crews is to ensure the required water consumption for extinguishing. The reservoirs have an emergency supply of water for fires.

All this, the expert noted, was thought out and remained from the Soviet era.

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