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Did you not get Pooja Sharma’s call? Careful, ‘sextortion’ busted in Mumbai …



Did you not get Pooja Sharma's call?  Beware, 'sextortion' busted in Mumbai!

The Maharashtra Police has uncovered an international racket carrying on the business of sextortion. The gang used to target people with an account named Pooja Sharma on Facebook.

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In social media, by becoming someone like Pooja Sharma or by some other name, you should increase your distance and get caught in your trap. Then after a few days you will be made a video call and show the pornographic video and you start watching that video inadvertently and after that the recording of that video is done and you are asked for big money by showing fear of defaming you.

In this case, Mumbai Police has uncovered an international racket. In this case, when a big leader was targeted, the cyber cell of Mumbai Police came into action. After which three people of this racket were arrested from Rajasthan, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. In Maharashtra, a different type of cybercrime is in the name of Pooja Sharma for the last few days.

VIPs are targeted

This racket implicates big leaders, IAS officers, officers and eminent people in their trap. Initially, a fake account is made by putting a picture of a beautiful girl on social media. After this, a friend request is sent to the eminent people. Then the proximity is increased by chat. One such name is Pooja Sharma, whose 151 fake Facebook accounts were created. Milind Bharambe, Mumbai Police’s cum commissioner (crime) gave this information.

Police leader in action after complaint by elder leader

It is said that thousands of people have been robbed in this trap so far. But only four-five people dared to bring this complaint to the police. And when a senior leader complained, the police immediately swung into action. After which three accused in the case were arrested. According to the police, the accused caught are not very educated. Some of them have eighth pass and some tenth. These accused were carrying out their work from a remote call center.

This is how sextortion occurs

The business of sextortion begins after the proximity increases. If the proximity increases, then one day a sudden video call comes. A pornographic video clip opens as soon as the call is taken. If the call taker stayed for a while in inadvertence, it means that he got caught in the trap, because the recording is done while watching the clips of the call taker. After this comes a call or message of blackmailing. Wherein the caller is seen watching pornographic videos. The victim sends the money demanded by the blackmailer for fear of slander.

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