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Delhi: Just before retirement, ACP suspend, Narela SHO and SHO



Delhi: Just before retirement, ACP suspend, Narela SHO and SHO

According to Delhi Police Headquarters sources, the suspended ACP Dahiya had made serious allegations like rape by a woman till the birth of an illegitimate child. This is the matter of 18 September 2018.

Delhi Police Headquarters.

The entire day of Monday was not good for the Delhi Police. The news started coming from the morning that after a long struggle, the department had to type a suspension order of three officers including one of its own ACP. Those who are suspended include SHO of Narela police station in north outer Delhi district and its subordinate police station (ASI). The SHO and ASI are found to have been settled in the same case, while the ACP also faces serious allegations. It is being said about the suspended ACP that he was about to retire from Delhi Police Department after two to three days after completing his job. At present, the market is hot in discussions about the suspension of three big officers simultaneously. The suspension orders of the ACP have been issued by the Chief Secretary.

However, TV 9 Bharatvarsh tried to talk to the spokesperson of Delhi Police and DCP Outer North District on this hot and recent hot issue, but there was no response till the news was written. First let’s discuss the suspension of suspended Assistant Commissioner of Police Ramesh Dahiya. ACP Ramesh Dahiya was about to retire after completing the job of the department after three days.

This problem of suspension has increased even after leaving his job. Till the suspension is not over, there will be a lot of hurdles in making full and final accounts from the Delhi Police. Also, until the investigation is completed, all their last due (payments due at the time of retirement) payments will also be stuck in the middle. At the same time, after retiring properly, they do not have to eat the attacks of the department. Since the investigation of suspension will last longer, or till the time the investigation goes, they have to reach the investigation committee on every date so that they can also defend themselves against the charges.

ACP suspended in four year old case

According to Delhi Police Headquarters sources, the suspended ACP Dahiya had made serious allegations like rape by a woman till the birth of an illegitimate child. This is the matter of 18 September 2018. In the complaint, the woman alleged that when Dahiya was the SHO of Sadar Bazar police station from North Delhi in 2017, the woman came in contact with Ramesh Dahiya. The woman said that her husband had died shortly before coming in contact with Ramesh Dahiya. When Ramesh Dahiya came to know this, he came closer.

According to the complaint given to the victim woman and the police, the alleged friendship between the woman and Ramesh Dahiya grew, then nothing else remained. However, all the allegations of the woman are still under investigation. The charges will be proved only after the investigation is completed. Since ACP Ramesh Dahiya has now been suspended, that too just three days before retirement. This means that the case of the woman’s allegations must have seen some power, then the department should have sent the inquiry report against the ACP to the above (lieutenant governor), on the basis of which the accused was suspended with immediate effect.

Accusations of hooliganism on ACP

The woman is even accused that a child was also born to her from the suspended ACP. The accused in the absence of the woman and the now suspended ACP were also accused of molesting the victim’s minor daughter. According to the woman’s complaint, the accused parties were also taken to the child on 6 July 2018, allegedly born of illicit relations with ACP, which has not been known till date. On the other hand, the police say that the history of the woman’s husband was also not correct. He was also a criminal.

On the complaint of the woman, considering the matter as serious, the police on 19 September 2018 filed a case against ACP under rape, kidnapping, threatening and along with serious acts like Poxo. Now the accused ACP Ramesh Dahiya, who was suspended, was posted in the Security Wing of the Delhi Police (when the trial took place). The case was investigated by the Crime Branch. Also, the crime branch has filed a chargesheet in the case in the court as well. It is learned that the suspension order of accused ACP Ramesh Dahiya was issued on 28 January 2021 on behalf of the Delhi Chief Secretary. These days ACP Ramesh Dahiya is said to be posted in the First Corps of Delhi Arms Police Force.

Narela Police Station SHO-DAROGA NAPE

On the other hand, SHO Inspector Vinay Kumar of Narela police station of Delhi North East district and ASI Dilip posted in his police station have also suspended the department. Both have been asked to report with immediate effect and report to the district police line. The allegations are serious on both of them. It is said that both these police officers have not spared even a 70-year old man, for whom the Delhi Police has opened a senior citizen cell for protection.

Both these officers of Narela police station have been accused of torture for two days by allegedly keeping these 70-year-old elderly in illegal custody. That means both of them connived and kept such an aging person hostage in the police station illegally. The victim’s family filed a habeas corpus in the court. After this, the police of Police presented him in the court. During the court appearance, the police had said that the accused elder was called for questioning in the fraud case. He was released after questioning.

Boss-subordinates were both settled

The victim elder and his family said that the police illegally held hostage at Narela police station for three to four days. When the case appeared to be a sore throat for the Delhi Police Department, the officers of the department suspended the accused SHO and ASI and issued an order for investigation against them. On Monday, TV9 Bharatvarsh should talk to North Outer Delhi District DCP Rajiv Ranjan Singh in this matter. But there was no response from their side till 6 pm on Monday. Delhi Police spokesperson DCP Chinmay Biswal was also tried to speak to the suspension of ACP Ramesh Dahiya, SHO Inspector Vinay Kumar of Narela Police Station and ASI Dilip till 6 pm on Monday, but he too did not respond.

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