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Cricket Politics in MP: CM Shivraj on the footsteps of Amit Shah, off the pitch of 22 yards …





  • Karthikeya Singh Chauhan starts cricket tournament in Sehore on Sunday
  • Suresh Raina arrives in Chhindwara on Thursday to start the MP Cup cricket tournament
  • Karthikeya and Nakulnath trying to connect with youth through cricket

Cricket has suddenly come to dominate in the politics of Madhya Pradesh. The sons of two chief ministers of the state are making their presence felt on the 22-yard cricket pitch. Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s son organized a cricket tournament in Chhindwara while Karthikeya, son of incumbent Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan called BJP MP Jyotiraditya Scindia to inaugurate one such tournament in Sehore. Nakulnath is already a member of the Lok Sabha and it looks like Shivraj may follow the path of Union Home Minister Amit Shah for the political launching of his son. After being in the background for years, Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah entered public life through cricket and is currently the secretary of BCCI.

Shivraj’s son Karthikeya Singh Chauhan has organized a cricket tournament in his father’s constituency Budhni. On Sunday, Prem Sundar Memorial Cricket Tournament was started by Rajya Sabha MP Jyotiraditya Scindia and former cricketer Saba Karim on the grounds of excellent school at Nasrullaganj. Scindia held the bat in his hand after years on this occasion, but it is seen to be associated with Karthikeya’s political future.

Karthikeya has invited for this tournament in all the gram panchayats under Budhni assembly constituency. Karthikeya is trying to connect with the people of the area through this tournament. He was very active in Budhni even during the floods. The buzz is that Karthikeya is preparing for the 2023 assembly elections.

Earlier on Thursday, Nakulnath started the MP Cup cricket tournament in Chhindwara. International cricketer Suresh Raina came to Chhindwara to start the tournament. Nakulnath says that the tournament has been started to reveal hidden talent in rural areas, but the truth is that like Karthikeya, they too are resorting to cricket to join the youth.

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Suddenly the political significance of the entry on the cricket pitch of sons of Shivraj and Kamal Nath is bound to take place. Both are claiming their father’s political legacy, but till now have been working behind the scenes. Nakulnath may have become MP, but Kamal Nath is still the biggest leader in Chhindwara. In such a situation, the cricket ground can also pave the way for Nakul Nath along with Karthikeya in future.