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CM Nitish’s hint! Owaisi’s AIMIM may break soon, even left MLAs



CM Nitish's hint!  Owaisi's AIMIM may break soon, Left legislators also get advice

On Tuesday, CM Nitish hinted in the assembly itself that the legislators of Owaisi’s party AIMIM can join the JDU.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar (File Photo)

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday announced the break-up of Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM in gestures. During this time, Nitish also gave advice to the Left MLAs who were creating a ruckus in the Assembly. Nitish said that for the first time you have come with such a large number, be patient.

On Tuesday, when CM Nitish Kumar was replying on behalf of the government on the Governor’s address, AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman was making a ruckus. Akhtarul Eman proposed to make Purnia the capital by standing in the House. When Nitish Kumar rejected his proposal, he started a walkout with the rest of the AIMIM MLAs. Seeing this, Nitish said that you people should sit and listen in the house, further work will come. Pointing to Akhtarul Iman, Nitish said that after RJD, JDU, now this is your third party. If this continues, then soon you will be left alone. Let us know that on January 28, the five MLAs of AIMIM have met at the Chief Minister’s residence and they were pointing in this direction.

Nitish’s clamor

It is believed that after Nitish has said that after the LJP, the JDU targets are now AIMIM MLAs. AIMIM captured five seats in the Bihar assembly elections 2020. For the first time in Seemanchal area, Shahnawaz Alam from Jokihat, Akhtarul Iman Shaheen from Amour, Syed Rukunuddin from Baisi, Anjar Naimi from Bahadurganj and Izhar Asafi from Kochadham are MLAs from AIMIM. There are reports that he is angry with Owaisi’s attitude and may join the JDU soon.

Advice to Left MLAs

On Tuesday, CM Nitish Kumar was infuriated by the Left party MLAs and gave them the advice not to create a ruckus. Nitish said that for the first time you have got 12 seats, then do not do wrong things. After this, all the members of the opposition again walked out making a ruckus. On Tuesday, there was a fierce debate between the opposition and Nitish’s MLAs.

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