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Cloves Benefit: What cloves do you use? Your body is not …



Cloves Benefit: What cloves do you use?  This gives many benefits to your body

Clove has many benefits, but not many people are aware of its benefits. This is why people are not able to use it that way as well.


Most of you will definitely know about cloves. Cloves are consumed on many occasions. Clove has many benefits, but not many people are aware of its benefits. This is why people are not able to use it that way either. There are many remedies related to cloves in Ayurveda.

Consumption of cloves increases appetite, stops vomiting, stomach gas, problems of over thirst and phlegm-bile defects are cured. In addition, you can benefit from using cloves in blood disorders, respiratory disease, hiccups and tuberculosis. According to experts, cloves are considered particularly beneficial for men. Let us know about some tremendous benefits related to cloves-

Cloves are considered to be medicine in Ayurveda. It is used as a spice in Indian kitchens. A research has revealed that clove oil has 400 times more antioxidants than berries.

Benefits and uses of cloves

In case of severe headache, make a paste by mixing salt in cloves according to taste. Now consume it with milk. Consumption of this headache relieves very soon.

Grind the cloves in a copper vessel. Mixing honey in it and applying it to the eyes provides relief in eye diseases. It is very beneficial for your eyes.

Mixing equal quantity of clove powder and honey and drinking it, the problem of nausea is overcome. If you are suffering from joint pain, then mix equal quantity of cloves and mustard oil and apply it on the joints. This relieves pain.

Consuming clove oil, ginger and honey proves beneficial in cold-cough and colds. Its use gives relief in cold.

If you are troubled by ear pain or have any kind of problem in the ears, then putting two to three drops of cloves and sesame oil in the ears by heating it lightly, the ear problem is removed.

Clove is also very beneficial for beauty. If you are troubled by the problem of acne, then adding clove powder to honey and applying it to the affected areas, relieves the problem of acne.

Special properties of cloves

Consumption of cloves increases appetite. The juice of the stomach remains correct.

Interest in food arises and the mind is happy.

Clove kills stomach worms.

It keeps the power of consciousness right.

It ends body odor.

Pain, and applying it on the wound, cures diseases.

Clove keeps the urinary tract correct and helps in removing harmful things through urination.



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