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Chhattisgarh Anti-Naxal Campaign: 6 including five rewarded Naxalites surrendered …



Chhattisgarh Anti-Naxal Campaign: 6 surrendered, including five naxalites worth 15 lakh

Lone warratoo campaign is being run in Chhattisgarh. In the villages of the district, the names of active Maoists are being pressed in place and they are being requested to surrender. Under this, six Naxalites have surrendered till now.

6 Naxalites surrendered in Chhattisgarh after being influenced by ‘Lone Varato campaign’.

In Naxal-affected Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, six Naxalites, including five respected Naxalites, surrendered to the security forces. The Dantewada police confirmed this. Police said that six Naxalites surrendered to the security forces, affected by the Lone Varratu (Return Home) campaign being run in the district.

These are Naxalite Katekalyan Area Committee member Kumari Jogi Kavasi (35 years), Member of Platoon No. 16 working in Indravati Area Committee, Kamloo alias Santosh Podiyam (25 years), Maad Division Tailor Team Member Pyke Kovasi (22 years), in Katekalyan Area Committee The working platoon number 26 members are Bhume Uike (28 years), Kunjeras panchayat CNM Sadasya Pandey Kawasi (20 years) and Malanger Area Supply Team member Linga Ram Uike (36 years).

Naxalites were rewarded for millions

Police officials said that the Naxalites were five lakh rupees on Jogi Kavasi’s head, three lakh rupees on Santosh’s head, three lakh rupees on Pyke Kovasi’s head, two lakh rupees on Bhuma Uike’s head and two lakh rupees on Linga Ram’s head. Is the reward. Several crimes are registered against these Naxalites, including assault on the police team, damage to government property.

Lone Varratu affected by campaign

The Naxalites have decided to surrender after being influenced by the Lone Varratu campaign and fed up with the hollow ideology of the Maoist organization. Under the Lone Varratu campaign, a total of 316 Naxalites have surrendered, including 82 rewarded Naxalites.

At the same time, under the rehabilitation policy of the Chhattisgarh government, an incentive amount of Rs 10,000 has been provided to the surrendered Naxalites.

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