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Carafe for birds This house



Carafe for birds This house

Joseph Shekhar .. Knows parrot words. Smells their hunger pangs in an instant. Goes on a run and satisfies their hunger. He drank the water and nodded lovingly. One is not the second, he is looking at 8,000 parrots in one go. That is why he got the name ‘Bird Man of Chennai’. It would be a mistake to think that the big rich are doing this. Joseph had a better mind than property. That is why he spends his meager income on parrots. He uses 40 percent of his earnings to satisfy their hunger.

Joseph Shekhar migrated to Chennai many years ago for a job. Initially did small crushing works. He later became an electrician. He also repairs cameras. The Joseph family has been planting some nuts and water on the hill for the birds since childhood. Those who follow it as a tradition. Joseph continued that tradition. He started watering regularly and putting some rice on the roof of his house in Chennai. Birds feeding that started has been going on for 15 years.

The idea started ..

Joseph first observed six parrots eating tamarind food on December 27, 2004. Their number has been increasing in Ranura. Within ten days of the week the number of parrots had reached a thousand. Happiness is something unknown to Joseph’s mind if they fill their stomachs comfortably. Don’t get quotes though Satisfaction comes from satisfying their appetite. With that the bird continued feeding. Today, eight thousand parrots and hundreds of pigeons feed on Joseph’s perch every day.


Joseph wakes up at four in the morning every day. He soaks the rice in advance for the guests and goes upstairs. He cleans the floor and goes into the kitchen, stacking wooden planks in a row. He cooks rice and prepares a variety of grains for the parrots. The birds sit in a row on the Alopu wood planks and call out to Joseph. As soon as he hears their bang he goes and puts the rice and their favorite grain in the middle of the planks. They intelligently eat and drink water from the stomach without disturbing the birds next to them. From there Joseph falls into his work. Greets the birds in between. He prepares food for another batch for the evening again.

Do not take help

Joseph cooks 75 kg of rice a day for the birds. Also, depending on the taste of the birds, he puts the seeds of his choice. Birds do not take donations or help from anyone for feeding. If someone wants to give .. “Birds are my children .. Can’t I reach out to someone to feed the children” Joseph laughs and rejects.

Visiting spot

Many people queue up at Joseph’s house to see colorful tortoises, pigeons and sparrows. Tourists from other countries also greet the birds. With that, Joseph’s house became one of the most visited places in Chennai. Taking this Chennai Bird Man as an ideal, if we put some water and some nuts for the birds in every house this summer, we will be able to satisfy the hunger of the birds.

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