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Canceled bad words: how to live after the prohibition of swearing on the Internet



Canceled bad words: how to live after the prohibition of swearing on the Internet

A month is in full swing, from the beginning of which a completely different life began on the Russian Internet. Amendments to the law “On information, information technologies and information protection” came into force. From the first of February, in our cozy corner of the world wide web, it is impossible to use foul language. Not at all! Well, how about the people? Are you ready for innovations?

What threatens the use of obscene expressions on the Internet, why do we need a mat at all and how it can be replaced, the correspondent of “MK in Tver” found out.

Let’s start with some statistics. According to VTsIOM, in 2019, 38% of Russians surveyed did not swear at all, 37% swore every week. At the same time, 18% of the respondents used the mat every day.

We will delicately bypass the sphere of official statements, but we will only boldly assume that in a country where you can “soak in the outhouse”, it is really possible to insert words and stronger than “annoyed, go away …”. But we will ask entrepreneurs whether they use this effective tool to build their business? For example, the well-known “hooligan” Oleg Tinkov uses strong expressions in his speech, even in the MGIMO TV studio, but we will do without quotations. Olga Uskova, founder and president of the Cognitive Technologies group of companies, uses words from the prohibited list in her Facebook posts. But the Tver businessman Kirill Sobolev tries not to use mate neither in life, nor in work, nor in the network:

– I have not been looking for freedom on the Internet for a long time, for me it is a kind of public place where everyone can see you. And as for the law, whether it is of primary importance is a question. I’m afraid those who use foul language on the Internet do the same offline. For me personally, this is rather unacceptable.

In the Russian mentality, profanity is a special phenomenon. Mat carries a wide range of emotions, pronouncing various words with variability of intonation, a person experiences strong psycho-emotional experiences. Let’s listen to the expert opinion. Elena Shemetkova, PhD in Psychology, accredited, certified gestalt therapist, spoke about the functions of strong expressions in a person’s life and that the reasons for such a “florid” speech can be different:

– Swearing is a great way to express disgust, pain or anger without resorting to violence. The psychological reason why

a person swears, is the disapproval of society for the pronunciation of such words. And since some people subconsciously do not accept prohibitions, they thereby show their coolness and independence. It is believed that people can use foul language because of insecurity, lack of support from loved ones. Children often swear because they feel pathological insecurity, misunderstanding. Also, mate in modern psychology shows sexual “tension”. He carries very strongly charged emotions, and when a person wants to show something meaningful, he uses obscene language.

It does not matter what sign these emotions have, positive or negative. One can say the same obscene word with admiration or disgust, after which a long-awaited release occurs. Often a person, using a mat, is protected by it from the world around him. In addition, mate is associated with a specific subculture or social environment, where it becomes a means of understandable communication.

Of course, the expert’s comment explains a lot. Only the law will not abolish. And what do we threaten to use foul language on the net? Can you be fined for obscene words on the Internet? Let’s figure it out.

The new edition prescribes to identify and block obscene expressions. Responsibility does not come for placement, which cannot be controlled. Fines are imposed for the fact that the illegal post or comment was not removed, and not for the fact that it was not found in time. Roskomnadzor will help the Internet resources in this. By the way, this is not only a matter of mate, but also of other prohibited content from child pornography to extremist calls. There is a gradation of fines, which reaches 8 million rubles. However, as for Zuckerberg, the guy will figure it out himself. But will there be something for us, mere mortals, for swearing on the net?

Formally, there will be nothing under this article of the law, although not all procedures are yet clear. The list of specific words is not yet ready. But do not forget that the new version of the law does not cancel the previous norms. For example, for obscene expressions that you risk uttering in public places, you can be fined up to a thousand rubles or imprisoned for 15 days. It is more expensive to swear at an official, the fine will grow to two and a half thousand, and then it will increase. There is also an administrative article for insult, and libel is a completely criminal offense.

Well, what do you want to do? “Read books,” as the online cynical community suggests. After studying fiction, your insults will become even more sophisticated. But seriously, always remember: you don’t have to break the law in order to protect your interests or punish the offender. There is a developed judicial system for this.