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Breaking records in just 3 days can reduce the weight of military diet, this is a diet plan



Breaking records in just 3 days can reduce the weight of military diet, this is a diet plan

It is said that when a person is troubled, he does not hesitate to adopt any way to get out of that trouble. The same happens when a person wants to lose weight. People struggling with this problem often take diet information from different people, then take some different exercises. But the results are rarely available in the mind.

But today we will tell you a diet through which you will easily lose 4.5 kg weight in a week. This trick is known as military diet. Let’s know about this military diet.

What is military diet

The Military Diet is produced by a very large nutritionist. It has been specially designed for the military force of the country, so that it can achieve its goal of reducing its weight in a short time. Hence it is also called Military Diet, Navy Diet, Army Diet or Ice Cream Diet. The special thing about this diet is that this diet does not contain any expensive supplements or food items. Rather, this diet is so cheap that everyone can easily adopt it and lose weight in just a short time.

If you are on diet, then avoid eating these 5 fruits, otherwise there will be weight loss

What is diet pattern

Diet is the most important to lose weight. This military diet is therefore designed somewhat differently. In this diet, three days a week, the person will have to eat low calorie healthy food. Whereas the remaining four days of the week will not follow this diet. This diet pattern needs to be repeated until you reach your intended goal.

Diet special

The special feature of this diet is that it works to burn fat from the body and kickstarts metabolism. This reduces weight easily. But 4 days when you are off diet, then you have to consume only 1300 to 1500 calories. You have to keep some vegetables in it, as well as the amount of protein to be kept in mind. Apart from this, the amount of carbs has to be kept very low in order to avoid any problem in losing weight.

Beverage items

If you go on this diet, then you will have to exclude other things like cold drinks, fruity from your diet, in which refined sugar is used. Instead you have to consume water most of the time.

This person of 100 Kg reduced the weight of 28 kg in a few days, these seeds used to be in the diet.

Three day diet plan

The three-day diet plan has been kept very nappy. So in addition, eating more ingredients can affect your goal. So follow the diet you are following below. Day 1 Breakfast – 1/2 grapefruit, 1 toast slice, 2 teaspoons peanut butter, and tea or coffee without sugar. Lunch – 1/2 cup fish, 1 toast slice, coffee or tea dinner – 2 slices of any meat, 1 cup green beans, 1/2 banana, 1 small apple and 1 cup vanilla ice cream Day 2 Breakfast – 1 egg, 1 Toast Slice, 1/2 Banana Lunch – 1 cup Cottage Cheese or 1 Slice Cheddar Cheese, 1 Boiled Egg, 5 Saltine Crackers, Dinner – 2 Hot Dogs, 1 Cup Broccoli, 1/2 Cup Carrot, 1/2 Banana and 1 / 2 cups Vanilla Ice Cream Day 3 Breakfast – 5 soda crackers, 1 slice cheddar cheese, a small apple lunch- a boiled egg, 1 toast slice dinner – 1 cup fish, 1/2 banana, 1 cup vanilla ice cream note – three days Till you have to follow this diet. Keep in mind that it is best to avoid any other diet or snack in between or in between. If you eat veg or are vegan. So, you can eat tofu, dry fruits and lettuce tofu. Apart from this, he can also eat soya ice cream cheese.

How much exercise

If you are following this diet then experts say that it is enough for you to walk only for 20 minutes, you will not need to exercise.

This man of 102 kg reduced the weight of 35 Kg, without any supplement, he made a lean body.

Problems following diet

There is a principle of reducing weight. It is to burn more calories. That is, if you want to lose weight and are taking up to 2000 calories. In this case, you either have to reduce the amount of calories, or you will have to burn calories through exercise. This diet is also based on low calories. But if you follow this diet then there may be a deficiency of nutrients in your body. Because of which you may feel tired or weak. Therefore, you should consult your nutritionist before following the diet.