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Bigg Boss: From season 1 to season 14, 14 years of such revenge Trophy look and cash …




The trophy for each season so far has been quite unique and attractive in terms of design and size. Usually each season’s trophy is made according to the design of that season’s house. ‘The Khabri’ also said this in the pictures shared on his Twitter handle.

‘Bigg Boss 1’ trophy and cash prize – 1 crore

Such was the trophy of the first season of Bigg Boss. The winning actor of that season was Rahul Roy and he received a cash prize of 1 crore in addition to the trophy.

‘Bigg Boss 2’ trophy, cash prize – 1 crore


Second season trophy glimpse. ‘Bigg Boss 2’ was won by Ashutosh Kaushik and he also received a cash prize of Rs 1 crore. Let us know that the prize money of the first 5 seasons was kept at Rs 1 crore.

‘Bigg Boss 3’ Trophy, Cash Prize – 1 Crore


The third season was won by Vindu Dara Singh and at that time he received this glittering trophy and cash prize of Rs 1 crore. Recently he also appeared as a support of Rakhi Sawant in ‘Bigg Boss 14’.

‘Bigg Boss 4’ Trophy, Cash Prize – 1 Crore


Shweta Tiwari, who came into the limelight in the role of Prerna in ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ke’, has been involved in TV’s popular actresses and won the fourth season of ‘Bigg Boss’. He won the trophy and 1 crore cash prize on winning. The Great Khali was runner-up that season. (Photo: YouTube)

‘Bigg Boss 5’ Trophy, Cash Prize – 1 Crore


‘Bigg Boss 5’ was won by Juhi Parmar, while Mehak Chahal was runner up. The prize money for this season was also Rs 1 crore.

‘Bigg Boss 6’ trophy, cash prize – 50 lakhs


The amount received by the winner of ‘Bigg Boss’ from the sixth season was reduced. It was reduced from 1 crore to 50 lakhs directly and till now the same prize money has been going on. The sixth season was won by Urvashi Dholakia. He won the trophy and cash prize on victory.

‘Bigg Boss 7’ trophy, cash prize – 50 lakhs


The seventh season was won by Gauhar Khan. This season’s trophy is shown in Gauhar’s hand. A cash prize of Rs 50 lakh was kept for the 7th season.

This was the ‘Bigg Boss 8’ trophy, cash prize – 50 lakhs


‘Bigg Boss 8’ was won by Gautam Gulati. On winning, he received a cash of Rs 50 lakh along with the trophy.

‘Bigg Boss 9’ trophy, cash prize – 50 lakhs


Prince Narula won ‘Bigg Boss 9’ and with the trophy he got only 35 lakh rupees, while the prize money was 50 lakhs. Actually half the money was cut into the money bag task.

‘Bigg Boss 10’ trophy, cash prize – 20 lakhs


This is what the Bigg Boss 10 trophy looked like. The picture features Manveer Gurjar, the 10th season winner. Manveer has been the first common man contestant to become the winner of Bigg Boss. On winning, he received Rs 20 lakh along with the trophy. Out of this, he had donated 10 lakhs to Salman’s Being Human Foundation.

‘Bigg Boss 11’ trophy and cash prize – 50 lakhs


‘Bigg Boss 11’ was won by actress Shilpa Shinde, while Hina Khan was the runner-up. On winning, Shilpa got Rs 44 lakh and trophy as prize money.

‘Bigg Boss 12’ trophy, cash prize – 50 lakhs


Actress Deepika Kakkar was the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 12’ and on winning she received Rs 30 lakh in addition to the trophy. Top-3 contestants – Deepika, Deepak and Sreesanth were given an opportunity to decide which of them would like to leave the finale with Rs 20 lakh. Then Deepak left the show with Rs 20 lakh and hence the amount received by Deepika was 30 lakh.

‘Bigg Boss 13’ was such a trophy, cash prize – 50 lakh


‘Bigg Boss 13’ was won by Siddharth Shukla and he got only 40 lakh rupees from the cash prize along with the trophy because then Paras Chhabra quizzed the game with a money bag offer of Rs 10 lakh.

‘Bigg Boss 14’ trophy glimpse and cash prize – 50 lakh


Salman Khan had a glimpse of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ trophy in the recent ‘Weekend Ka War’. It is in the shape of Bigg Boss’s eye and is quite attractive. It has big crystals on its edges and written below is WINNER-BIGG BOSS 14.