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Bigg Boss 14 Winner Rubina Dilaik: For these five reasons, Rubina Dilac named her …



Bigg Boss 14 Winner Rubina Dilaik: For these five reasons, Rubina Dilac named her ...

Rubina Dilac has won the Bigg Boss season 14 trophy. He has left Rahul Vaidya behind and won these titles. From the very beginning, Rubina was seen standing very strongly in Bigg Boss house. Be it the matter of task or whether you have to express your opinion on some issue. Let’s know five reasons for Rubina Dilac’s win …

Clear stand and strong opinion
Rubina Dilac expressed her opinion to the members of the house from the beginning. For this, the family also called Rubina Dominating many times but it did not make any difference to her and she was seen saying her words strongly. His clear stand was seen inside the house.

Rubina Dilaik Bigg Boss 14 Winner: Rubina Dilac became the winner of Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya is the runner up
Honest and trustworthy partner
Rubina Dilak used to have a sincere relationship with any member she lived with in Bigg Boss house. Rubina has a brotherly relationship with Ali Goni inside the house and a sister relationship with Nikki Tamboli. Rubina liked being a trusted partner and maintaining a sincere relationship.

Best performance in task
Rubina Dilac played her game diligently in every task done in Bigg Boss house. During the task, Rubina used to play very sincerely and also advised people to play with the right spirit. Often seen in the house, they were called teachers.

Rubina Dilac has been the Debate Queen in school, has won the title of Beauty Contest
Most days in the house
Rubina Dilac was the only member of Bigg Boss house to stay for most days. The final trophy also came to his hand. Rubina Dilak understood the entire atmosphere closely and avoided making any kind of mistake during the most days in the house. She remained at home for most of the day due to less mistake.

Good fan following
Rubina Dilac is the famous face of the world of TV. Due to which his fan following is very good. He has made a household name with the TV serial Chhoti Bahu. People call Rubina affectionately as a younger daughter-in-law. Whenever her name comes in the nomination in Bigg Boss, she always got the most votes and she would be safe.