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Bigg Boss 14 Finale week: Ali’s ‘Uglah Poison’ against Rakhi – in my hands …



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Finale Week has started and on the very first day RJ Salil Acharya, Ginni Mahajan and Karan put the top-5 contestants of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ into trouble with their tough questions. His questions showed a new rift between the families. Makers has released a new promo of the upcoming episode on 15 February, in which 3 RJs are seen asking sharp and crooked questions to the remaining contestants of the house.

Rahul said this relationship for Nikki – Confused
When RJ Karan asks Rahul Vaidya that Nikki had given you immunity and why were you getting upset with the same Ani playing your own game? In response, Rahul says that this relationship has confused me a lot in this house.

At the same time, when RJ Salil Acharya asked Nikki that when Rakhi Sawant came to Bigg Boss house as a contestant, you were afraid that man will take this trophy now? In response, Nikki Tamboli refuses, and Rakhi says that Nikki’s parrot flew away after seeing her. Similarly, the three RJs ie Karan, Ginni Mahajan and Salil Acharya raise sharp questions with the family.

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Rubina, angry with Jasmine, did not know that she was for me…

During this task, Rubina explains that it would have been better if the panchayat was not a task because then there would have been no bitterness between them and Jasmine Bhasin nor would their relationship have broken. She says, “I had no idea that she was keeping so much bitterness for me in her heart.” On hearing this, Ali Goni’s face becomes colored.

Fight over this question asked about Finale

During this task with RJ, Ginni asks Ali Goni a question about Mahajan Finale, which leads to a fight between him and Rakhi Sawant. Ginni Mahajan asks Ali, ‘If there was a Jasmine in the finale, then who among these people is the one who would not? In response, Ali takes the name of Rakhi Sawant. Hearing her name, Rakhi Sawant remains shocked. When Rakhi objectes to this and Ali goes out saying that if she had it in her hand, Rakhi would not have been in the finale.

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Rakhi flares up and then later tells Ali, ‘I don’t even see you in the finale. Today I tell the truth. You don’t deserve. Now it will be seen that after the RJ Special Task, how will the mutual relations of the household reach and what will be changed.

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