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Be a drinker alert, never mix these drinks with alcohol; Can go darling



Be a drinker alert, never mix these drinks with alcohol;  Can go darling

People who consume alcohol do a variety of experiments. Someone likes to drink it with fruit juice, so many people drink it with energy drinks like Red Bull. To keep the party energetic for hours, people have started mixing energy drinks and alcohol instead of water and fizzy drinks.

You may find this experiment quite interesting, but the combination of two drinks can be a risky task. Drinking both together can increase the chance of alcohol poisoning in your body. Not only this, apart from hangovers and headaches, a person may have to face many more serious effects. Let’s know the risk of mixing alcohol and energy drinks together …

What happens when two drinks are mixed

Both alcohol and energy drinks have their own distinct characteristics. One is known to slow down your brain’s ability to function and feel calm and the other helps to keep you energetic and active. When the two are mixed together, the energy drink can eliminate the effects of alcohol and force you to stay awake late. This will cause confusion and you may consume more alcohol than usual. Mixing the two can increase the body’s excitement.

What does science say

Studies conducted to analyze the effect of mixing alcohol with energy drinks concluded that cocktails may make people drink more alcohol than usual. Researchers stressed that things can easily get out of hand and be harmful to health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drink alcohol drinkers consume three times more alcohol than those who do not mix alcohol with energy drinks.

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause alcohol poisoning, which is associated with symptoms such as confusion, vomiting, seizures, shortness of breath and lowering of body temperature.

Affects heart health

Consuming energy drinks along with alcohol can also damage your heart health. This is because both drinks have a different effect on blood pressure and when they are mixed together, your internal system gets badly confused. According to a 2018 study, two beverages can cause a change in blood vessel diameter to an alarming level. Also, people who are already suffering from high blood pressure, their problems may increase further. Blood pressure fluctuations at regular intervals can put additional pressure on the heart and increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and heart disease. In addition, heavy alcohol intake can affect your liver and sleep patterns.

Intake of both increases weight

Energy drinks are promoted as a healthy drink, but often have a high sugar content. Similarly, alcohol also contains many calories. If you are controlling your weight, simultaneous intake of both can cause harm.

Tips for drinking both together

  • Keep it in the limit. Drink only one drink a night.
  • Fill your stomach well by eating it before drinking. Due to this, the effect of the drink will not be on your mind soon.
  • Do not consume alcohol and energy drinks before sleeping at night. Both can cause sleepiness.

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