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Awareness was organized on the second day of Child Safety Week at Dussehra Ground, Faridabad.



Awareness was organized on the second day of Child Safety Week at Dussehra Ground, Faridabad.


23 February, Faridabad . Child safety and hygiene awareness program was organized at Dussehra Ground, Faridabad on Tuesday in view of Child Safety Week started by District Child Welfare Council, Faridabad. District child welfare officer Narendra Malik and program officer S.L. Khatri told the children about vigilance and hygiene. This program was especially done to make children living in slum areas of the city aware of child safety and hygiene.

Addressing the occasion, District Child Welfare Officer Narendra Malik said that the awareness campaign will be conducted by the council for a week to teach children safety, vigilance and hygiene lessons. The campaign started with a weekly child safety camp. In order to make the children living in slums in the district, a plan has been made by the District Child Welfare Council, in which information like child helpline number, police number and emergency number has been given and children about bed touch and good touch Was also made aware. Apart from this, he was also made aware on issues like hygiene and hygiene in COVID and common situation. The main purpose of Child Safety Week is to make awareness on the security system, along with it, the children were also made aware of the need for friendly behavior and education of right and wrong behavior. Along with this, he was also given a sanitation kit which included a dettol soap, nail cutter, mask and refreshments etc. This campaign will be organized daily till 26 February in various areas of the district. In this, children living in the most slum areas were made aware for child safety and hygiene.

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