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Anti-agriculture law spark will start from the township in Purvanchal



Kisan Andolan: Kejriwal speaks to farmers, agricultural laws like death warrant


  • Before the assembly elections, RLD is busy strengthening himself with the support of farmers in UP
  • Naresh Tikait, the national president of Bhakiyu, will participate in the mahapanchayat in Munderwa region on 25 February
  • Rallod National President Jayant Chaudhary to address Kisan Mahapanchayat in Rudhauli assembly constituency

Political parties have also come into the fray regarding agricultural legislation. After Western UP, spark has started to rise against Purvanchal also against agricultural law. On 23 February, Rashtriya Lok Dal will hold a mahapanchayat in Basti district of Purvanchal to protest against the agricultural bills.

The top leadership has claimed that it will convey its message from the settlement land to the farmers of Purvanchal. We will explain how the agricultural law brought by the central government is a black law and the voice of withdrawal has to be raised.

RLD will open a front against BJP
Rallod National President Jayant Chaudhary will address the Kisan Mahapanchayat in Rudhauli assembly constituency. It is being speculated that farmers from several districts of Purvanchal will gather here and open a front against the BJP government.

Kisan Andolan News: Rakesh Tikait said – ‘Will soon go to Gujarat to gather support for farmers’ movement’
RLD will explain to farmers
Ralod Pradesh President Dr. Masood said that if the BJP leaders are taking the field to confuse the farmers about the agricultural bill, then their team will also explain to the farmers how the agriculture bill is not in the interest of the farmer. is. He said that RLD has organized Kisan Mahapanchayat in Purvanchal so that the farmers of Purvanchal can also understand how the agricultural law will make their crop merchantable in the coming time.

AK – ‘Death warrant is agricultural law’ after meeting with farmers

‘Farmers will stand up against the bill’
Raja of Basti and Rashtriya Lok Dal leader Aishwarya Raj Singh said that we are fully prepared to convince the farmers and the farmers will stand firmly against the bill. Until the government withdraws this law. For the Kisan Mahapanchayat, the Bharatiya Kisan Union has also chosen the township itself.

After meeting with farmers, CM Kejriwal said, Death warrant is all three agricultural laws
Naresh Tikait on 25 February
Naresh Tikait, the national president of Bhakiyu, will participate in the mahapanchayat in Munderwa region on 25 February. Anyway, Bhakiu Munderwa has been in the headlines in the past for the sugar mill movement in Purvanchal. This land has been very favorable for Bhakyu in the credit of Purvanchal. Bam parties have also focused on Basti district to make the farmers aware and give the edge to the farmers movement in Purvanchal. It is believed that in the coming days, the township will play a deciding role in the peasant movement in Purvanchal.