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American B-1 bombers reached Norway, Russia launched a missile, then at the mouth of war …



American B-1 bombers reached Norway, Russia launched a missile, then at the mouth of war ...

Tensions with Russia have suddenly risen to a great extent as soon as Biden becomes president of the US. The burning fire between these two superpower countries poses the danger of burning the whole of Europe. The United States and Russia are already embarking on killing the king in the Baltic Sea. Now this battlefield has been extended to the Barents. Just as America deployed its most powerful nuclear bombers in Norway, so too has Russia turned its missiles around. It is believed that the US is trying to challenge Russia at the beginning of the new president’s term. At the same time, Russia is not going to suppress at any cost. These days, tensions between Russia and European countries have also continued since the arrest of Alexei Navalny, the opponent of President Vladimir Putin. While the European Union is considering imposing new sanctions, Russia has also warned that if it does, it will break its ties altogether.

Russia issued warning of missile test

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has issued NOTAM for missile test as soon as 4B-1 Strategic Bombers of the US arrives in the region. Actually it is a warning that a fatal flying object will be tested in this area. So that flight in that area is either banned. Or if a military aircraft is flown then it is alerted. This warning is scheduled for the period 18 to 24 February. This warning covers areas from the mainland of Norway to the island of Svalbard. This area is known as Beer Gap. The impact area of ​​this missile also includes the entire area of ​​the Barent C, where several warships of Russia are patrolling.

Supporting team of American B-2 Bombers reached Norway


The US is constantly working to strengthen its military presence in Europe. Therefore, a team of 200 US Army personnel has already arrived in Norway. This includes the maintenance team of the B-1 strategic aircraft, the Weapon handling team, as well as the American commandos. Just a month earlier, Joe Biden overturned Trump’s order asking him to withdraw the US forces stationed in Germany. Apart from Norway and Germany, the US military is also present in Greenland. In such a situation, Russia is afraid that the US is not planning to reduce its influence and siege in Europe through this trick. Because, during the tenure of Trump, the US Army tried hard to make its way into the Baltic Sea. However, this effort could not succeed due to Russia being alert.

This missile test is America’s answer to Russia

Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) Senior Research Fellow Christian Otland said the timing of Russian missile testing and the anticipated arrival of US B1 bombers are interlinked. This is a direct warning to the US that if it tries to do something, the consequences will be severe. He said Russia’s missile test could be a way of protesting the presence of American bombers on the soil of Norway. The Russian test zone is located between the 22nd and 25 degrees east longitude. Allied aircraft do not usually conduct training activities east of this line due to Norway’s own restrictions. Because, Norway also has a fear of infiltration of Russian aircraft. For this reason, Norway has declared this entire area as non-flying area.

Many warships of Russia are patrolling in this area

Norwegian Ordered Forces spokesman Maj. Brynzer Stordal confirmed that Russian authorities have announced a NOTAM area in the international waters between Norway’s mainland and the Beer Gap. Stordal said that it has been issued for the purpose of ensuring security in the region for Russia. We certainly monitor such activity in the areas around us that we are getting naturally. Norwegian, Russian and EU trawlers constantly fish in the sea between the North Cape and the Beer Gap. This entire area is full of fish, due to which fishermen of every country keep coming to this area with their trollers.

The Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy is deployed with nuclear missiles

Russia’s important northern fleet is deployed in this region. Including deadly ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines. It has the ability to strike seconds in the event of a nuclear attack on Russia. Meaning if any country launched a nuclear attack on important military bases of Russia, Russia can also retaliate with the help of the Northern Fleet stationed in the region. It is not easy to track Russia’s nuclear-powered submarines in this region of the North Atlantic Sea. In this region, water accumulates in many areas during the winter season. Under which a submarine is very difficult to detect.