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AIIMS is studying, how to remember 90 year old grandfather like 30 year old grandson?



AIIMS is studying, how to remember 90 year old grandfather like 30 year old grandson?


  • AIIMS Geriatric Department and ICMR study, Raj is finding out to be active
  • People above 80 years who are not affected by age, have been named as Super Age by AIIMS.
  • Study to find out how mentally strong they are at this stage of age

New Delhi: By the age of 80 years or more, the memory of people decreases. The way his brain works is weakened. It is common to happen. However, AIIMS is studying people over 80 years of age, whose memory is as sharp as 30 years younger than them. They are active like people younger than them and are capable of doing everything they do. AIIMS has named him Super Ageer.

AIIMS is trying to find out how they are so mentally strong even after coming to this stage of age. How are they able to live such a healthy and normal life even at this age. Why is his memory so strong. Based on the specialty of Super Ager, AIIMS wants to develop a protocol that ordinary people can adopt and become super agers.

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This is the study of AIIMS’s Geriatric Department and ICMR. Dr. Prasoon Chatterjee, Principal Investigator of this study, said that it is often seen that with age, the capacity of human brain starts to weaken. But, there are many people who are active even after 80 years, they have good memory, brain works properly. He said that such people, who are able to live such a life even after the age of 80 years, are being studied. The doctor said that this is a 3-year study, funded by ICMR.

The doctor said that there will be three groups in this study. The first group will be 30 to 50 years old. The second group will be above 80 years, which will be normal, that is, with age, memory and other things will be affected. The third group will also be above 80 years, but these will be the people who will not have any effect on age, their memory will be good, etc., which we have named Super Age. There will be 30–30 people in all groups.

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Doctor Prasoon said that during this study, genetic reasons are also trying to find out. Many times it is seen that people are more active due to genetic reasons. In this study, we are taking two people from the same family. One who is above 80 years and the other 30 to 50 years old. He said that such a family has also been found, in which the 92-year-old grandfather who is a super-edger and 30-year-old is his grandson. In this study, all types of brain will be examined, including MRI.

The doctor said that the super strength of the mental age, their living, functioning, studies, business and everything will be tested.