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Age 65 years, 113 lawsuits, name Basheeran alias Mummy, this is Delhi’s ‘Lady Dawn’ whose …



Age 65 years, 113 lawsuits, name Basheeran aka Mummy, this is Delhi's 'Lady Dawn', in whose name people are scared

Lady Dawn Basiran Mummy was no longer lacking. Now he did not need outside hooligans as his own strong ‘goonda gang’ of 8-8 boys had already been raised.

Basheeran aka Mummy is the world famous name of crime in Delhi.

Think, if “mummy” sits in a house as a lady don, then what must have been the thinking of the rest of the members of that clan-family. Let us introduce you today to one such infamous Lady Don Mummy of India, who will be around this time, around 65 years… and even in old age, the fear of her in the world of gyaam is, in front of the khaki uniform Ghosts run as well, they think a hundred times before setting foot on their doorstep.

The base of this lady don mummy is not located in any remote village-country-town in India, but on the chest of capital Delhi. Yes, we are talking about that domineering girl of the 1980s who came to Delhi from Agra at the age of Bali. They were married at a young age, so brought Allhar Begum to Hath Sharif Shahar from Agra, with Delhi. Coming for the first night at Navjeevan Camp in Govindpuri, South Delhi.

When I came, I was suffering from hunger

After the first night in Delhi, when it came out after that first night, hunger was left in front. There was no way to earn food and the stomach was suffering from hunger. Basiran looked at the surrounding area, and saw that the black liquor business of illegal liquor in the area is flourishing like the cultivation of roses in a field. Day or night, the khaki uniform guards would also roam around in those stinky streets of the black business, cheering and laughing with the liquor mafia. Seeing all this, the Basiran, who had not yet touched the liquor, became the liquor mafia of the area overnight.

Hundreds of liquor mafia of the already existing area started reaching the base of Basiaran. Since a girl was associated with the black business, she was also very domineering and beautiful… so the sounds of the boots of the alleged policemen at her base also gradually increased. In a way, it should be said that within two or three years in Govindpuri area, simple liquor became a big liquor mafia… it would not be wrong.

Voice reached the dreaded criminals

The sound of Basiran’s sting has reached itself to all the dreaded criminals associated with the world. Therefore, the small liquor mafia and goon mawali of the area also started saluting at Basirn Mummy’s base. While Basiran would do business of selling liquor, but the discussions about infiltration in his khaki uniform became common, people of criminal instinct started to feel like “God mother of goons” protecting Basiran Mummy and goons from all police troubles. That means, completely immersed in the black business of liquor, Basiaran gradually became Lady Dawn in the area. The infamous goons of Delhi UP became refugees by becoming his nephews and nephews.

Be it the matter of surrendering a goon in front of the police or the matter of setting up a goon of a rogue company in a station post from UP to Delhi. Basiran Mummy became a solution to every problem. Basirn became a notorious liquor mafia by 1995-2000. The biggest crooks started reaching to rub his forehead. Later, Basiran became the mother of 8 sons. The children opened their eyes between the goons and the miscreants, so consider Beshiran’s expenses as a clear escape. That expense was for writing children’s education. The eight sons of eight started learning the nuances of Jarayam as soon as they realized. Call it the teacher who teaches the Nakki Valley of the world of crime or the trainer himself became Ammi and Abba.

Goods are not needed outside, there was a whole team at home

Lady Dawn Basiran Mummy was no longer lacking. Now he did not need outside goons as his own strong goon gang of 8-8 boys had been raised. If the mother is a gang leader and the child is a gangster, then what else can be left in the world of garayam, what is lacking or any cancer left.

This kind of mother-in-law has been an everyday affair with the jail station post. For him, the house is like a prison and a police station. According to Delhi Police, when this lady don was arrested in August 2018, 113 cases were registered in various police stations in her name. These include cases like murder, recovery, black liquor business, extortion. His part time business became like betting, extortion money.

Well, imagine the fear of such gangster lady don mummies and goons sons among the people of the area. The police also consider it to be a good way of not taking a direct front from the mother-in-law. Because if not more than the police, all the ages used to go round the prison post, the basin has already become half the lawyer. How much punishment is there in which section in the cases, how much penalty can the court impose with the punishment, it knows everything. Thumba take lady don ie goon mummy… When she was arrested in 2018, she was wanted in the murder of a young man in September 2017.


The then deputy commissioner of police in south Delhi district, DCP Romil Bania, says that Basirn, with the step sister of the young man, confirmed the deal for 60 thousand rupees for killing the young man. As soon as the amount of the murder deal reached in Basiran’s aunt, the young man’s body was found in the jungles of the area. In the murder of Meeraj done by Basiran Mummy, the police also came to know about the slayer of the mercenaries. It was learned that the killers took Miraj to the forest and killed him. Then burnt his corpse in fire.

After the execution of that murder, Basiran continued to spend 8 months of absconding in UP Maharashtra… When such Basiran mummy came under the scanner, when the police tightened their punches, she bid, in the business of liquor, mercenary murder, and punk tax collection I am bored now…. Older body is no longer active as before… .In such a situation, she wanted to cover the rest of her black businesses… Before this could happen, Lady Don Basiran Mummy of Delhi was arrested and put in jail. Were given.

Exclusive report by Sanjeev Chauhan for TV9 India

Sanjeev Ji

Another such dreadful story of Lady Dawn will be published tomorrow (Tuesday)