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A close friend told the truth about Kat’s radio operator: she turned fate



A close friend told the truth about Kat's radio operator: she turned fate

Actress and director Natalya Feklenko told about Ekaterina Gradova’s breakup with Andrei Mironov: “The only time she broke out was:“ Why didn’t you keep me from taking this step? ”Their friendship lasted almost half a century, so before calling her, I think that I can’t imagine her pain from the loss, and how she can speak.

“The pressure has risen,” says Natalya. – I still don’t understand how this could have happened.

– When was the last time you saw or spoke with Ekaterina Georgievna on the phone? Can you remember?

– The last time, probably three and a half months ago, we met. Boris Korchevnikov invited her to his program and asked whom she would like to see from the Satire Theater. Well, she called me. We have really been friends for a long time and always laugh that there is such a laughing wave between us: when we met, we laughed a lot Now, one might say, there was a wave …

– Tell us about her. It is somehow offensive that they remember her mainly in connection with Andrei Mironov, with whom they lived for only five years.

– Katya herself in recent years preferred not to talk about this topic. Everything has been said long ago, and nothing can be fixed. Yes and no, she thought. The only time she just burst out: “Why didn’t you keep me from taking this step?” This is when she drove him away after learning about the betrayal. And for me personally, there are two Katya Gradova: an artist who has always been there in the theater, and one who has deliberately become a different person. And when a person decides to completely change himself, and hence his fate, for such a step one must have strength and courage. Not everyone has such a strength, but she did. I didn’t even suspect that Katya would be so strong.

– What has she become?

– Radiant, happy. How much good she has brought to people in the understanding of faith, in uniting herself with God. She truly came to faith, as if she had been called. This gave her spiritual strength: Katya went to nursing homes, tried to help people come to faith just as she herself came. From time to time she was in the clinic. I used to go to the hospital: “Katya, how are you?” But she doesn’t complain. Although I know how hard it was for her because of this illness: diabetes is a terrible thing.

– After filming that program, she invited me to go in one car. And when we got to the house, her husband, Igor, came out to meet her, helped her out of the car, because it was hard for her to do it on her own – the weight was large. He accepted her, and when we said goodbye, now, as it turns out, forever, she hugged me and said: “Natasha, let’s go rest together!” They laughed, hugged, kissed, and Igor cautiously led her into the entrance. I watched as she slowly climbed the steps, but with all that … believe me, nothing foreshadowed her departure.

For some reason I remembered how we celebrated the birth of Andryusha, her grandson. When he was just born, she invited me and her husband, Lilya Sharapova also with her husband, and in a narrow circle, six of us, celebrated the event, and also filmed for Polaroid (he only appeared in Russia then). Katya was madly in love with her grandson, yes, in fact, she and Igor raised him: after all, Masha gave birth early, studied and was already working. Andryusha is killed by Katya’s death.

– How did she live in recent years?

– She lived well. She had an amazing relationship with Igor, they also lived together for 30 years. She was as happy as it is difficult to imagine. She lived in devotion and love, Igor took care of her. He is a scientist, a physicist. You asked how she changed after she left the theater and came to faith. She took the boy from the orphanage. Why and how this happened, she told me herself: “I came to a charity day in an orphanage and saw a child. She looked at me so that I immediately understood – my twig. ” And she raised Alyosha, then they bought him an apartment, and now he lives on his own.

– Of course, the glory of Andrei Mironov overshadowed Ekaterina Gradova as an actress, especially a theater one. You worked with her and you can characterize her.

– After Andrei left, Katya rushed about, but then came to faith. In general, she was very modest. After “Seventeen Moments of Spring,” she was wildly popular. The nickname of the radio operator Kat forever stuck to her. They recognized her, invited her, fans waited at the entrance with photographs for her to sign them. She became famous, she was recognized, she performed a lot. One such role was enough to wake up famous. But this is a movie, and in the Theater of Satire, after the departure of Tatyana Vasilyeva, Katya played her role in the play “The Capercaillie’s Nest.” Look, and you will understand what kind of actress it was. Very, very interesting!