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47 former judges, retired officers, president angry over criticism of Disha’s arrest




  • 47 former judges and former officials wrote to President Ram Nath Kovind regarding the toolkit case
  • The letter demands a fair investigation of the toolkit case without any pressure, criticizing the pressure being made on the police
  • Defense of Delhi Police’s actions including arrest of Disha Ravi in ​​letter, wire of ‘toolkit’ document, ISI, Khalistan

New Delhi
Those criticizing Disha Ravi’s arrest in the ‘toolkit’ case have been condemned by former officials and former judges. Former members of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies have written a letter to President Ramnath Kovind. It has alleged that people with ‘vested interests’ are doing this to hide their anti-national antics and are throwing mud at the Delhi Police.

Defending the police action, he said that the publicly available information proves that the strings of the ‘toolkit’ document are linked to ISI (Pakistani intelligence agency) and Khalistani organizations. Among the 47 people who signed the letter to the President, former Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court V.S. Justice Rajendra Menon, who was the Chief Justice of Kokje, Delhi and Patna High Courts, former Punjab Director General of Police (DGP) PC Dogra, former CBI Director Nageswara Rao and former Kerala DGP R.K. Padmanabhan is included.

Toolkit case: Disha Ravi moves court to prevent police from leaking information related to investigation
These celebrities requested the Central Government to ensure that the Delhi Police is allowed to investigate the matter in an independent and impartial manner without undue pressure from those with vested interests. Apart from this, let the people who have become puppets in the hands of the Alagavist forces in India and abroad be brought to justice.

Police said in HC – Things related to Disha Ravi’s arrest did not leak
In fact, many opposition parties and organizations have criticized Disha Ravi’s arrest and alleged that it is an attack on democracy. At the same time, he has also accused the government of trying to silence those who criticize him. Many of them have also criticized the police for Disha being younger.

Disha Ravi Case: Court sent Disha Ravi to judicial custody for 3 days, police said
The letter stated, ‘It is with sadness to mention that some Indian citizens are in touch with banned elements and organizations, who have all Indian embassies, high commissioners in the major cities of America, Canada, Britain and Europe And carried out the plan to demonstrate in front of the Consul General’s offices, so that the Government of India could be humiliated…. ‘

In fact, a ‘toolkit’ is a document that gives detailed suggestions for reporting an issue and taking steps related to it. Generally, during a major campaign or movement, people participating in it are given directions in it. Its purpose is to give guidelines for activities at the grassroots level to a particular class or target group. Delhi Police’s Cyber ​​Cell arrested Disha on February 13 from Bengaluru.