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15 days of catastrophe in Chamoli, 62 bodies found so far, search of about one hundred fifty still continues



15 days of catastrophe in Chamoli, 62 bodies found so far, search of about one hundred fifty still continues

– At 7 am on February 7, there was devastation in Chamoli due to a glacier burst
– 62 bodies found, in which 28 could not be identified, DNA samples of dead bodies were taken.
– 142 people are still missing, whose search is going on, but there is a problem due to the debris in the tunnel

New Delhi.
In Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, it was a wretched watch at around 10 am on Sunday, February 7, when the glacier burst and along with it there was devastation in many nearby villages. So far 62 bodies have been found in this disaster that came 15 days ago. In this, 34 people have been identified, while efforts are being made to identify 28 dead bodies. Officials involved in relief and rescue work say that 13 bodies have been found only from the tunnel at the Tapovan site. Apart from this, 142 people are still missing, who are being vigorously searched.

Officials say DNA samples of all the bodies found have been taken. 12 villages have been completely destroyed in the devastation. There were 465 families in them. However, relief and rescue work is going on fast in the village and the affected people are being rehabilitated. Alternate arrangements for electricity, water have been made in the affected villages. For traffic, trolleys have also been installed at Dhauliganga at three places in Bhanguel, Juvagwad and Reni villages.

Officials say that so far 13 bodies have been found from the tunnel at Tapovan site. However, it is estimated that more people may be buried under the tunnel debris and the number may range from 25 to 35. However, this tunnel of 180 meters has been cleaned up to about one hundred and fifty meters. Due to debris and silt here, there is a lot of difficulty in the relief work, which is affecting the rescue operation. Pumps have been installed to drain water from the tunnel, but many times work has to be stopped due to mud.

Officials say up to 20 meters of debris is full and more than a hundred people may be buried in it. But we cannot do anything until the debris dries up and is taken out with the help of JCB machine.



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